Why is a shopping mall suitable for outdoor playground
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Why is a shopping mall suitable for outdoor playground

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As everyone knows, the shopping mall is the ideal location for the indoor building blocks playground. Do you know why the shopping mall is so popular with the indoor building blocks playground? What else should we pay attention to in the open building blocks playground?

Firstly,adequate passenger flow.The location of shopping malls is generally the core area of a region, with a large flow of people; in addition, shopping malls provide a one-stop service of eating, drinking and playing, which provides great convenience for residents to go out for leisure and entertainment, and has a strong attraction, so the traffic of shopping malls is very sufficient.

Secondly,strong spending power.The main consumer groups facing shopping malls belong to the middle class and have certain consumption capacity, especially large shopping malls like Wanda and Overseas Chinese City. Parents who take their children to shopping malls on weekends have the ability and willingness to spend money for their children in indoor building blocks playgrounds.

The indoor building blocks playground located in the shopping mall has strong premium ability and considerable revenue.

  Thirdly,brand cluster effect.With the rapid development of economy, the demand of consumers is also increasing. We pay more attention to brand, and are more willing to buy products that we think are more upscale and accord with our identity to show our quality of life. The brand effect of the shopping mall gives customers confidence in consumption, and the shopping mall has large brand stores for mother and child products, children's clothing stores and so on, which has the brand cluster effect.The brand of the shopping mall itself has promoted the children's playground invisibly.


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