What are some different types of toys?
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What are some different types of toys?

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Select toys that offer a good balance and enrich children’s skills and creative opportunities. Include products that offer open-ended play like blocks, physical play like balls, silly toys like jack in the box for its fun and surprise responses, and, of course, electronics that are in balance with nontech toys.

Activity toys develop coordination, improve small and large motor skills, and balance. Begin with balls and beanbags; add a tricycle, bike, wagon, or skates. A jump rope and a kite are great for outdoor fun. Always check whether your child is ready for the activity. Also, don’t forget the valuable experiences of gardening, nature walks, and exploring.

Creativity toys stimulate self-expression. The child can create with crayons, finger-paints, watercolors, clay and craft sets. Children learn from following directions, a sequence of activities, and gain satisfaction in completing a project. Don’t forget activities like making something new with a cardboard box to stimulate imagination, singing or listening to or making music, or trying other creative projects.

Learning toys contribute to the acquisition of knowledge. These toys include books, tapes, videos, software, CDs, puzzles, and board games. The child should read books, listen to music, solve puzzles, and play games. Take time to read a story or create a puppet show. Discuss programs watched on TV or a recent movie attended. You can also build together with blocks and varied construction toys, play board games, and solve puzzles.

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