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These are related to the toys news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in toys and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand toys market.
  • Choose toys for babies. Don't miss these four categories
    For babies, toys are one of the most indispensable accompanying items in the growing process. In the game play, toys can bring a lot of happy time to the baby, but also contribute to the development of intelligence, so parents are also willing to buy a variety of toys for the baby.Choose toys for ba
  • Staff Co-Authored How to Choose Toys for Children
    Choosing toys for children might seem simple, but there are a lot of factors to take into consideration. It’s important to think about durability, pricing, safety, educational value, and, of course, fun! Choose plush toys and rattles for babies and musical instruments, stacking toys, and outdoor
  • How to let children learn to share
    When children aged 2 to 3 play hand and foot with their peers or at home, they don't know how to share. They often fight for toys, quarrels and even fights, which make their parents feel headache. In fact, children aged 2 to 3 are in a "self-centered period". Their feelings are the most important. C
  • How to disinfect toys
    Toys are touched by babies every day. If the toys are not hygienic, they will make babies infected by pathogens and affect their health. Therefore, when choosing toys for babies, parents should first choose toys that are easy to clean, such as cloth, plastic, wood and so on. At the same time, keep t
  • How to store toys
    1. Consider the timeliness and variety of toys. As children grow up, they play with smaller and smaller toys. At the age of a small month, toy fitness rack is a large-scale toy. With the growth of physical ability and the development of fine hand movements, children's toys will become smaller and sm
  • What are some different types of toys?
    Select toys that offer a good balance and enrich children’s skills and creative opportunities. Include products that offer open-ended play like blocks, physical play like balls, silly toys like jack in the box for its fun and surprise responses, and, of course, electronics that are in balance with n
  • Toys for Children of Different Ages
    0-1 years old: Audio-visual touch toys - newborn babies in the physical and psychological development speed is very fast, the body and nervous system functions develop rapidly, visual and auditory gradually improved. At this time, children are more sensitive to some visual color shaking and auditory
  • Significance of Different Kinds of Toys for Children
    1. Speech and cultural toys: toys that can make children more sensitive to hearing, learn new word groups, promote language expression and organizational ability, and pre-school exercises, such as story tapes, story cards, drawing boards that encourage painting, etc.2. Science toys: science toys tha
  • How to Set Up a Preschool Classroom
    How to Set Up a Preschool ClassroomA preschool classroom needs to be educational, safe, and engaging. While some aspects differ depending on different state and country licensing regulations, most areas that should be addressed are universal. Making a classroom a safe and fun environment is crucial
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