Types of Playground Equipment
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Types of Playground Equipment

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The different types of playground equipment include:

  • Structural equipment: Think of this as the equipment that makes up the larger structure of a playground. It can include one or more slides, towers, ramps, decks, and bridges.


  • Freestanding equipment: This includes any equipment that’s not attached to the primary structure. It can include freestanding swings and slides, spring rockers, climbers and accessories.


  • Fitness equipment: Fitness equipment includes structures that encourage kids (and adults) to work out while playing.


  • Site amenities: Site amenities aren’t necessarily part of the playground, but help to improve the playground experience for all involved. They include things like bike locking racks, benches and trash bins.


  • Inclusive equipment: Inclusive equipment makes a playground inclusive and accessible to children of all abilities. Examples of inclusive equipment include buddy rockers and roller slides.

  • Shade structures: Offering some shade, such as a large umbrella that stretches over a playground structure, will help keep the playground comfortable even in the heat of summer.


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