Reasons for Safety Accidents in Trampoline Parks, Reasons for Safety Hazards in Trampoline Parks
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Reasons for Safety Accidents in Trampoline Parks, Reasons for Safety Hazards in Trampoline Parks

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Reasons for safety accidents in trampoline parks,trampoline park adult reasons for safety hazards in trampoline parksAlthough the safety of trampoline equipment in venues is always emphasized by all parties, unfortunate accidents still occur from time to time. The plight of tourists is regrettable.


 In order to reduce the occurrence of such accidents, trampoline manufacturer bettaplay will analyze for you from a professional perspective several types of incentives for tourists to have safety accidents while playing.1. Problems with trampoline equipmentThe trampoline park must check the condition of the equipment after each day's business. Although loose equipment parts are a very common situation, it is not worth the gain if it affects the next day's business conditions or even causes danger.After the daily maintenance of trampoline equipment, a relatively large-scale and formal "physical examination" of the venue equipment must be carried out regularly.


 Long-term play is bound to leave some hidden dangers that cannot be discovered by ordinary inspections. This requires professional maintenance personnel to take action.2. Operation errors of trampoline hall staff1. The staff of the trampoline hall are not well trained. When assisting in playing, they start the equipment without waiting for tourists to be ready. 

As a result, tourists do not play in the correct way, resulting in injuries.2. There are not enough staff in the trampoline park or they leave their posts without permission. No one informs tourists about the precautions for playing. Tourists play without permission, causing danger.3. The maintenance staff of the trampoline park did not do a good job in equipment maintenance, ignored minor problems with the equipment, failed to perform timely maintenance, and continued to allow tourists to play for the sake of profit.3. Problems faced by trampoline hall visitors themselves1. During the game, due to excessive excitement, I did not control the range of body movements, which violated the safety precautions when playing with the equipment.2. Boarding amusement equipment without supervision or assistance, causing danger3. Ignore the instructions of the staff during the game and act according to your own wishes, which violates the safety matters when playing with the equipment.4. Failure to carefully read the posted safety guidelines before playing with the equipment, resulting in dangerWe hope that news of various injuries will not appear again in the future. We at bettaplay hope that every visitor who visits the museum can go home with a smile.

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