How to Raise Happy Kids
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How to Raise Happy Kids

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Giving your kids happy, healthy childhoods could set them up for success in life. But many parents wonder, how exactly do you raise happy kids in today’s world?

Raising happy kids isn’t about giving them momentary pleasure or immediate gratification. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Happy kids have a skillset that allows them to enjoy long-term happiness in life. They’re able to pass up instant gratification in an effort to reach their goals.

Encourage Outdoor Play

Don’t underestimate the power of outdoor play. Running on the grass, climbing trees, sitting on a swing, and digging in the dirt is good for kids.

Studies show scents associated with nature, like pine trees, cut grass, and lavender can boost your child’s mood. So you might encourage your child to read a book outside or do his homework on the porch just to give him an instant boost in happiness.

Outdoor play can also improve social skills in children. A 2017 study published in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport found that children who increased their time playing outside increased their empathy, engagement, and self-control—which are critical social skills.

Limit Screen Time

Establish clear limits on your child’s screen time. If he has a smartphone, limit his access when you’re doing family activities, riding in the car, or when he’s playing outside. And set clear guidelines about how much time he can spend watching TV and using the computer.

Avoid Overindulging Your Children

Buying your child lots of gifts on holidays or giving him everything he wants won’t actually make him happy. In fact, overindulging kids may actually take a toll on their psychological well-being.

Some research indicates that kids who are overindulged are likely to experience feelings of chronic discontent. They may struggle to identify the difference between wants and needs and consequently, they may think happiness stems from material goods.

So resist the urge to get your kids everything they want. Even though they might insist that having the newest smartphone, more brand name clothing, and a better bicycle will make them happy, the research indicates otherwise.

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