How do playgrounds attract consumers?
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How do playgrounds attract consumers?

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How do playgrounds attract consumers? How to make your amusement park attractive? Here are a few tips for your reference.

1. Leisure Seats

Many people may overlook the details. The larger the amusement park, the more seats there will be next to the amusement equipment. What is the role of playground leisure seats? The answer is that it's easier to retain customers. Setting up recreational seats in amusement parks is not only for players to rest tired, but also a seemingly intimate measure, which uses psychology. Seat settings are paralysis of players'time perception, sitting down to play with amusement equipment, relatively focused on the game, people receive fewer other stimulus codes, time perception nerve perception time, so that customers unconsciously play longer.

2. Colors: Brilliant colors make customers more excited

In many people's impressions, amusement park is a "noisy" place, dazzling color is one of the factors that amusement park attracts customers, playing in the dazzling color environment will make people more enthusiastic. The well-run amusement parks are all equipped with colorful amusement equipment, with colorful sculptures, and colorful decorations. Lights are mainly made of warm colors such as red, yellow and orange. Soft light colors are also used to create a warm atmosphere. Studies have shown that color is related to emotional states, such as red for excitement and blue for comfort and safety. A well-run amusement park generally uses bright red or yellow lights to match, which can make people more excited, arouse players'enthusiasm for participation, and achieve the role of stimulating consumption.

3. Music: Rich rhythm makes people linger.

When many people pass the amusement park, they always hear the rhythmic background music coming from it. The emotion expressed by amusement park music is to let people release pressure and emotion, thus attracting customers. If the amusement park stimulates players with music, it will make tourists more desirous to play, give people a sense of fun and excitement, and then affect participation in the amusement park.

4. Channel: Attracting attention at a glance

The amusement park corridor seems to be in all directions. In fact, customers can basically play with the mainstream amusement equipment by walking along the main corridor. Tourists will never go back. The industry calls the amusement park corridor a flowing line. The design of the corridor pays attention to all kinds of views. The design of the corridor is convenient for walking and visiting. Make all kinds of amusement equipment to the greatest extent to make customers "within sight". In particular, I remind you that this kind of amusement park design style can take the customers playing as exhibits, which will bring demonstration effect, often attract more customers to participate.

5. Membership Card: No scruples about digital consumption

All the amusement parks with good operation have introduced membership cards of different amounts, which will stimulate customers to prolong their consumption time. Everyone has this mentality: every time you pay cash, you will have a deep and intuitive impression. If you spend too much money, you will even feel distressed. But you don't feel so deep when you swipe your card. In fact, membership cards make use of responsibility transfer mentality. Consumers who swipe cards often neglect the responsibility of repayment (or pre-deposit) of this money, so that customers will have more consumption.

Whether it's a large or small amusement park, or an outdoor or indoor children's park, it's always the same. As long as it's a place for everyone to play, these tricks can have unexpected effects.

Having said so much, in a word: the vitality of amusement park lies in the creation of amusement atmosphere. If you are not satisfied with your current business situation, try to change it. Maybe a small change can bring about more than imaginary results. Poverty leads to change, change leads to change, and the general rule lasts for a long time!

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