Choose toys for babies. Don't miss these four categories
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Choose toys for babies. Don't miss these four categories

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For babies, toys are one of the most indispensable accompanying items in the growing process. In the game play, toys can bring a lot of happy time to the baby, but also contribute to the development of intelligence, so parents are also willing to buy a variety of toys for the baby.

Choose toys for babies. Don't miss these four categories

But you know, the more toys you prepare for your baby, the better. Because too many choices can distract the baby's attention, this play, that play, lack of understanding and research, which is not conducive to the development of the baby's brain.

So, how many toys should be prepared for the baby? The small edition summarizes that the following four kinds of toys are enough for the baby to play repeatedly and have endless fun.

1. Ball toys

In infancy, the baby's eyes will continue to chase the rolling ball, a little bigger, they always want adults to accompany them to play the game of rolling the ball back and forth, climbing to hold the ball. After walking, I began to learn how to throw, kick, racket and run after the ball. A simple ball can bring a lot of fun to the baby, but also to develop the baby's sports ability.

2. Assembly toys

How can the baby's toys lack such a classic one? All kinds of assemblies, wood, Lego, magnetic, snowflake, this is the way babies create their own dream world. They are happy to use their imagination and creativity to design and build, play a variety of ways, in this process not only to exercise the baby's hands-on ability, but also to its intellectual development is of great benefit.

3. Graffiti Tools

When the baby is about one year old, he is keen on painting. Prepare a drawing board for the baby and let them start their painting quietly. Or maybe the mother will accompany the child to create it.

4. plush doll toys

Babies have a strong need for comfortable touch, so this kind of toy is more like emotional sustenance, even when the baby grows up, there is still no resistance to plush dolls. Because most of these toys are cute in shape, soft and comfortable to touch, and can bring a sense of security to the baby. Babies treat it like their little playmates or Xiao Mengbao, playing games together, playing at home, dressing it up, sleeping in arms and so on

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