Bettaplay Kindergarten Slide Outdoor Children Playground Equipment Small PE Board Slide
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Bettaplay Kindergarten Slide Outdoor Children Playground Equipment Small PE Board Slide


Bettaplay Kindergarten Slide Outdoor Children Playground Equipment Small PE Board Slide


Product Name
Small PE board stainless steel slide
Structure Size
according to your request
Design Theme
Many styles are available , if Qty big enough can be customized.
Stainless steel
Outdoor playground Plastic parts
PE Board
Outdoor Playground Accessories
304 stainless steel screws, zinc-aluminum alloy for connecting buckle formed by die-casting
Product quality
the whole set of equipment is safe and environmentally friendly, good weather resistance, not easy to aging, not easy to fade, not easy to rust
TUV Rheinland Certificate Safety Standard National standard GB 27689-2011/ EN 1176-3 2017
Player Age
2-7 years
Special Service
free custom design, with efficient proposal in 48 hours
1 Year for all spare parts
Spare Parts Replacement
BETTA provides all spare parts for playgrounds, available for purchased alone, contact our professional sales for whole spare
parts list





        The Stainless Steel Slide is a playground classic. It is fun play and children can’t wait to try it out, again and again. We added a PE board with cute shape to the boring stainless steel slide to make it more nice and more popular with children. You can provide your ideas for the PE board modeling part, our designers and workers will present your ideas.


Welcome to BETTA Amusement Toy Factory.

OUR VALUE MESSAGE IS (Quality is Our Culture) ( 3 Factories + 300 Workers + 30000 Designs + 12 Years Experience)

BETTA AMUSEMENT TOY is one of "white hair" of amusement toy business in China, since 1999.
We had the honor to serve many of the famous restaurants, shopping malls and kindergartens all over the world, such as "NEW CENTURY HOTELS AND RESORTS"; & more than 58 Montessori Kindergartens.
WELCOME TO CONTACT US "With us your MONEY is in safe";your BUSINESS in safe."

Please contact Katie Zhang (Sales Manager 0086 189 6899 6888)


Frequently Asked Questions About The Outdoor Playground Equipment

        We know you have questions about the indoor playground, that's great! Because we want to provide answers! Below you will find most of the typical questions we get asked regarding playground and recreation projects. Of course if you don't see an answer to your question, feel free to reach out to your recreation consultant, or our friendly customer service staff.

1. Can I change the colors of the playground slide?/Can I change the theme of the playground slide?/Can I make the playground bigger slide?/Can I add more play structures to the playground slide?

Yes! We can customize for you, the colors, theme, size, and play structures of the playground. You can tell us your ideas and plans for builing your playground.

We have professional designers and engineers who can help you realize your ideas.

2. How to choose a playground slide?

There are three points of how to choose a outdoor playground slide.

Size. One of the biggest considerations to keep in mind when choosing a outdoor playground slide is the size. You need to choose the outdoor slide according to the size of your venue, and leave some space around the slide as a safe area. The right height for a outdoor slide in your playground will largely depend on the age group the playground is intended for, as well as the space available for a slide. For example, taller outdoor slides are more suitable for school-aged children, while shorter outdoor slides are favorable for young children.

Colors.  The colors of a playground add to the fun and excitement. A variety of color options allows you to choose a color appeal to children and complement the other pieces of playground equipment. Children are more likely to be interested in objects that are visually pleasing.

Cost.   Also it’s one of the important factor. The cost of your outdoor slide will vary depending on the shape and size you choose, as well as whether it will be free-standing or a component. While you should always keep your budget in mind, it can be a good thing to dedicate a generous budget to a playground slide. Low-cost options tend to be made of lower-quality materials that may deteriorate or become damaged more quickly.

3. How to install the outdoor playground slide?

This is really an important question. Some customers may be buying an outdoor slide for the first time and they don't know how to install a slide.

We will provide installation instructions for your outdoor playground slide. And we will also provide the basic steps to install the slide. For some large and complex outdoor slides, it may be difficult to install. But for the small and simple slides, it's a very fun and easy thing to do.

4. How to maintain the outdoor playground slide?

Correct maintenance can make your playground last longer. We recommend that you can do regular inspections of your outdoor slides, you can make a check list for your outdoor playground slide. The most important thing to pay attention to is the screws and connectors of the playground slide. This will affect the safety of children while playing.

Another point is that you can check the columns of your playground slide. If the paint surface of the columns is scratched, it is recommended that you repaint as soon as possible. This will slow down the rust on the damaged part of the columns. If you find that some accessories are damaged and cannot be used, please replace them as soon as possible!


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 Ms. Katie Zhang
 Yangwan Industrial Area,Qiaoxia Town,Yongjia County, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China (Mainland)


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