How to Choose Rubber Tiles for Outdoor Playground
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How to Choose Rubber Tiles for Outdoor Playground

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How to Choose the Right Playground Surfacing for Safety

   Safety is our top priority at Superior Playgrounds, so we offer only the playground surface materials that have proven track records over years of use and environmental conditions. Playground surfacing can be fun too! Choose our Poured in Place or Rubber Tiles to incorporate a fun or functional design to work with the playground environment.

   Rubber Tiles are low-maintenance and provide great wheelchair access. Playground Safety Rubber Tiles are easy to maintain and long-lasting. Choose from standard surface tiles or upgrade to the Secure Lock Interlocking Tile System. The Secure Lock tiles feature a patented interlocking design that secures tiles and reduces lateral shift. Both tiles are highly accessible for children of all abilities. This surfacing is available in a variety of depths in order to meet playground fall height requirements. Choose from 18 different colors.


Benefits of Using Outdoor Rubber Mats

To see the true benefits of the outdoor rubber mats, we simply have to compare them to their alternatives.

1. The Swing Set

In most yards around the country, homeowners will leave the soil or rocks under the play-set, or simply enclose the area with mulch or wood chips.

The outdoor rubber mats offer a softer cushion in cash the child falls, there are no splinters in the feet like with wood chips, and the entire surface is slip resistant.

Many use the playground mats in areas the children will be playing outside.

2. The Deck

One of the troubles with traditional decking is that it is susceptible to the weather. During years of hot summer days, the deck surface can peel and chip and need several treatments of deck sealer.

When it rains, the surface of the deck can be very slippery, and it can also accumulate mold growth in certain areas.

The outdoor rubber mats will stay slip-resistant and won’t chip or fade from the sun.

3. The Patio

Patio pavers are costly, and if you stain one or chip one and don’t have replacements handy, it can look unsightly quickly.

The pavers can get very slippery from mold growth, and easily become stained from dirt and soil in the are, requiring pressure washing to clean.

The rubber outdoor mats come in rolls or in tiles, meaning you can piece together the patio and replace sections as needed with ease.

4. The Extracurricular Activities

Maybe you have some gymnasts in the family or little ones working their way to be on the cheer-leading squad.

These amazing cheer mats could be set up anywhere so the kids have a safe place to practice. They can be assembled and taken down quickly, or left out in the elements without concern of damage.

Installing the rubber outdoor mats is a breeze too. Depending on how big the location, you may want to go with a single roll or mat style to cover the area.


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