What Is EQ And Why It Is Important To Improve Child's EQ ?
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What Is EQ And Why It Is Important To Improve Child's EQ ?

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What Is EQ  And Why It Is  Important To Improve Child's EQ ?


What is EQ?

EQ, also known as emotional intelligence, is generally defined as the ability to identify, assess, and control the emotions of oneself, of others, and of groups.

This term has been around since the ‘60s and many studies have been done on this in the ‘90s.

The topic of EQ is very pertinent to us mums as well. We live in an age where people are driven by success but may not necessarily have the social skills to back them. We also want our kids to grow up to be notably different — for good reasons!

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Why it is important to develop your child’s EQ

Experts say that children with high EQs will grow up to be more successful in life, due to the following reasons:

– They handle stress and anxiety better and have better problem-solving capabilities, which pave the way for them to have successful careers.
– In general, they have better temperaments that will help when faced with problems and aggressive people.
– They are known to be closer to, and have good relationships with their parents, with a tendency to mingle with other kids from similar backgrounds. This also paves the way for them to grow up into better-behaved teenagers.

– They will be less likely turn to substance abuse (be it alcohol, drugs or even over-eating) when life gets difficult.
– They will be more sensitive to the emotions of others and handle relationships better.
– They will have better developed social skills, and naturally more polite, outgoing and friendly.

What is Bettaplay ?

Bettaplay have been committed to raising kids EQ.

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