How to Put Your Baby to Sleep
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How to Put Your Baby to Sleep

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Sleeping quality is of great importance to new-born babies,Thus it is crucial for parents to help them to achieve a good sleep quality. Let's look several ways to do it.


Be aware of when your baby sleeps.

Babies do sleep a lot but not for very long periods of time. Each child will have it’s own natural sleep rhythm which you will learn with time. Try to accommodate it and plan your own sleep schedule as much as you can.


Know how to put your baby to sleep. 

Your baby may need help falling asleep, so know some basic ways to help your baby. You can hold your baby in your arms or up on your shoulder and either walk with them or rock them in a chair. Babies respond well to repetitive sounds, so make                cooing sounds or you can sing them a lullaby.


Understand swaddling. 

Swaddling is a method of wrapping up a baby in a blanket so that they don’t move. While it might seem strange to an adult, it is extremely comforting for a baby as it makes them feel secure. It will also keep them from surprising themselves if they                move in their sleep. Watch the video below to learn how to swaddle your baby.


Avoiding SIDS. 

SIDS, or sudden infant death syndrome, is a very mysterious condition which you will want to protect against. No one particularly understands what causes it and some question whether it exists at all, but there are a few practices which seem          to be related to the deaths. Avoid these and your baby should be fine:

  • Protect your baby by always putting them to sleep on their back

  • Don’t put a pacifier into your baby’s mouth

  • Use a firm mattress in your baby’s crib

  • Remove soft or fluffy bedding and stuffed animals

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