How to Make Children Happy
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How to Make Children Happy

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1. Encourage him to exercise more.
Play ball, bike, swim with your children... More exercise can not only exercise a child's physical fitness, but also make him more cheerful. Keeping dynamic life can moderately relieve children's pressure and emotions, and let children like themselves, have a more positive body image, and find fun and sense of achievement from sports.
2. Often embrace
A gentle hug conveys infinite care and silent "I love you". Studies have found that gentle touching and embracing can make babies healthier, more active and emotionally stable. For adults, hugging can also relieve stress and calm uneasiness.
3. Give children time to play with their own free will
Thomas Armstrong, an American pedagogist, points out that free play is healthier for preschool children than planned activities. Parents should avoid filling their children's time with activities and courses. All children need some idle, casual time to play. Only in this way can their imagination be exerted freely so that they can leisurely watch spiders weave webs and study how fireflies glow... Explore their curious world at their natural speed. Maybe sometimes you should slow down, put aside your schedule and enjoy life at the pace of your children.
4. Ensure that children eat healthily
Healthy diet can not only make the child healthy, but also make the child's mood more stable. Whether it's dinner or snack, try to follow health principles, such as low fat, low sugar, fresh and balanced diet.
5. Listen attentively.
Nothing makes a child feel cared for more than listening attentively. Want to be a better listener? Don't just listen with one ear. When your child speaks to you, try to stop what you're doing and listen to him attentively. Listen to your child patiently. Don't interrupt, rush to help him or tell him to finish his speech quickly, even though you've heard what he says many times. The best time to listen is to accompany your child to school or to coax him to bed.
6. Teach him to care for others
Happy children need to be able to feel that they have some meaningful connection with others and understand what they mean to others. Developing this feeling can help children get in touch with others. You can organize some old toys with your child and donate them to charities to help homeless children. Children can also be encouraged to participate in some volunteer activities in schools. Experts point out that even at a very young age, you can get happiness from helping others. And develop the habit of helping others.
7. Teach him to solve problems
Every step from learning to tie shoes to crossing the street is a milestone for children to become more independent. When children find that they have the ability to solve the problems they face, they can bring them a sense of happiness and achievement. When he encounters obstacles, such as being laughed at by a playmate or being unable to put together a jigsaw puzzle, you can take several steps to help him: 1. Identify his problem. 2. Let him describe the solution he has come up with. 3. Find out the steps to solve the problem. 4. Decide to let him solve the problem himself or offer some help. 5. Make sure he can get the assistance he needs.
8. Abandoning Perfectionism
We all expect our children to show their best, but sometimes they are too eager to correct or improve their performance, for example, by abandoning them for not cleaning the table and simply wiping it again by themselves, or by correcting them to put things in a position. Everything requires perfection, which will weaken children's self-confidence and courage to be afraid of making mistakes. Next time you can't help but want to get involved and help your child do a better job, think about it first: "Does this matter have anything to do with health or safety?" "Imagine 10 years later, is this still so serious?" If the answer is No, let the children do it.
9. Stimulating His Inner Artistic Genius
Although scientists have proved that there is no so-called "Mozart effect", but more exposure to music, art, dance and other activities can still enrich children's inner world. Experts have found that when a child dances to music or graffiti with a brush, it is actually a way of expressing his inner world and expressing his feelings. Children like drawing, dancing or playing music, and they are satisfied with themselves.
10. Creative Praise
When a child behaves well, don't just say, "Good." Praise should be specific, give details, point out what's impressive or better than last time. For example, "It's really polite for you to take the initiative to say good morning to the guard uncle today." Nevertheless, when complimenting, we should also pay attention not to foster children's wrong expectations. Some parents reward their children with gifts or money, and let them focus on what they can get rather than on good behavior. Parents should let their children discover for themselves the satisfaction and accomplishment of accomplishing something, rather than rewarding them with material rewards.

Smile and communicate. When talking to a child, always keep a smile, because the child's mind is very sensitive. He knows everything about you, so keeping a smile can make him feel you are very kind. Smile and talk. Even when you don't pay attention sometimes, you feel hurt in some way, but children don't think so. They only know you're joking and they just think it's funny.
Do what you say and win trust. Many people think that children are not very sensible, and it's not a big problem to trick them occasionally. In fact, otherwise, children's mind is more sensitive than you think. If you do what you promised him, he will feel that you are a trustworthy person. Otherwise, he will have doubts about you. He will question everything you do and it will be difficult to have fun with them.
Surprise them from time to time. Children are very curious and are full of curiosity about everything new. Showing something new from time to time can not only satisfy their curiosity, but also make them laugh. In addition, they subconsciously feel that you are a person who can make them happy, so they will be happy to play with you.
Put down your body and return to childlike innocence. This is very difficult for many people to do. Only when they have common interests can they have a common language. So is playing with children. We need to get back to the young mentality of our childhood and think of ourselves as a child for a short time. Like them, they naturally like to play with the same children.

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