How do children of different ages play slides?
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How do children of different ages play slides?

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                                                                                 How to play slides for children of different ages?

What are the benefits of playing rock climbing and slides for young children


1. Promote the baby's tactile development, let the baby experience different tactile sensations when playing various slides, and promote the tactile development.

2. The slide is the baby's first sense of "speed". Slides of different lengths and slopes bring different speed experiences to babies. Most babies’ initial speed experience comes from slides. Through acceleration and sudden deceleration, the vestibular system is stimulated, so that children's nerve pathways are unblocked, and children can feel the increase or decrease in speed and enjoy endless fun.

3. Perform physical coordination and strengthen physical control. From the slide, babies need to master balance and speed, and exercise their coordination skills.

4. Promote sports development. Babies who often play slides will have a good balance ability, because they learn to judge the relationship between themselves and the ground to establish a sense of balance and form a concept of visual space. Good balance is the foundation of athletic ability.

8 months to 1 year old: At this time, children can play indoor slides, such as Ole Dolphin Slide. But at this time, the child cannot control his body balance. During the descent, parents must protect their children on the slide.

1-2 years old: Under the protection of their parents, children can play straight slides on smaller slopes so that they can understand the rules of the slide.

2-3 years old: Try to let your child slide on small slides, such as the Australian alphabet slides. During this process, the child can be instructed to control the sliding speed by holding and releasing both sides of the sliding member by hand, and feel the balance and friction with the body

3-4 years old: Allow children to try large slides and rotating bodies. Consciously exercise the child's physical coordination ability. In the absence of safety protection, please try to let your child crawl on the slide and exercise the child's physical strength and hand-foot coordination on a smooth slope.

 It brings irreplaceable happiness to most children's childhood. It can not only stimulate fun, but also enable children to exercise their motor functions and coordinate their limbs while playing.

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