3 Ways to Keep Your Indoor Playground Clean
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3 Ways to Keep Your Indoor Playground Clean

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3 Ways to Keep Your Indoor Playground Clean 

Indoor playgrounds give children the perfect opportunity to do their daily exercising, which is something that’s very important. In fact, research suggests that if all current eight- through 11-year-olds in the U.S. exercised 25 minutes a day, three times a week, $62.3 billion in medical costs and lost wages during their lives could be avoided. Any unsanitary indoor playing unit can lead to the injuries and many diseases that result in these medical costs. To prevent anything from happening, here’s what you need to do.

Routine Cleaning

Even if the play unit doesn’t look dirty, there’s a good chance it is. Take some cleaning products and wipe down the slides, the stairs, and the railings on a daily basis. It’s best practice to do it both morning before anyone can touch it and at night after it’s been used. If you don’t have specific cleaning products you can always use warm, soapy water. The soapy water should always be used before you apply any sanitizing products, too.

Cleaning Up After Bodily Fluid Incidents

If a child throws up or relieves themselves in any way, clean up the fluid immediately. Blood, urine, fecal matter, or vomit may contain dangerous contagions and you don’t want other kids getting sick. Close the area where the incident occurred so you and your staff can tend to the incident. Much like prior to sanitizing, wipe down the area with warm, soapy water before disinfecting. Always follow the instructions on the label of the disinfecting fluid before use.

Everyday Maintenance

While you’re doing your daily cleaning, take some time to make sure the commercial indoor playground equipment is being properly maintained. This means you need to check for broken or missing parts and equipment, loose anchoring, broken glass and trash, vandalism, and problems with the surfacing. If there are any major issues, contact your indoor playground company immediately.

If you own an indoor playground, it’s important to make sure it’s being maintained and cleaned on a daily basis. Clean the area both day and night, be prepared to handle any bodily fluid incidents, and check for damages regularly.

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