Why do you become friends of children
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Why do you become friends of children

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Why do you become friends of children

From the first day of school, our children’s friends have an important role in their lives. Here is a little guide to help you find out how to manage the friends, the visits, and the day trips.

Whether we like it or not, friends help our children detach from us and teach them how to socialize. And even if this detachment breaks our hearts, it is necessary to our children’s evolution.

Can we really choose our children’s friends? Up to a certain age, we certainly can since we make the phone calls to invite the friends over and we set the appointments. However, as soon as school begins, it becomes hard to keep an eye on their friendships.

If you have been the first influence on your children, their friends will become the first external influence. And the more they grow up, the more important their friendships will become. Their friends are a reference. Our children want to be like them, act like them, look like them, etc. How many times did your child come back from school saying new things that you already heard from another child’s mouth? But don’t worry; your child influences others too. The important thing is to dose this influence and to remind your child when needed, that they are capable of distinguishing right from wrong by themselves. Our children must understand that we may want to be like someone but we cannot become this person. Some children idealize the life of their friends (“They have three videogames!”, “They can go to bed later!” etc.) but they have to remember that they are lucky too.

Yes, friends will become a great part of your children’s life. The power of friend is a so great that you can’ t ignore it. However, you can become a friend of your children. In this way, maybe you can play a role like friends. How to do it? Play with them. Have fun with them.


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