What is outdoor playground plastic slide?
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What is outdoor playground plastic slide?

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What is outdoor playground plastic slide?

The slide is a comprehensive sports equipment, different functions in one set. Children need to have firm will and confidence to play slides, which can cultivate their courageous spirit. When children "swish" down, they can enjoy the joy of success. Slides are a kind of children's sports equipment. They are commonly found in kindergartens or children's playgrounds. They are suitable for children aged 3-6. There are also special-purpose slides, such as life-saving slides. The slide is equipped with a ladder on one side of the high platform, and an slide on the other side (generally there are two types of straight and curved). Children go up the ladder and slide down the inclined board.


It is used for outdoor activities in kindergartens. It has the functions of climbing, balancing, sliding, stepping, etc., to promote the overall development of children's climbing, climbing, balance, sensitivity, coordination and comprehensive ability.


Children must be accompanied by adults when playing in fitness space or playground. After all, these amusement equipment still have a safety factor. Therefore, parents must teach children what to pay attention to when playing.

1. Do not ride on children's slides without a use registration certificate and without safety precautions and warning signs;

2. Before choosing a children's slide for children, be sure to carefully read the instructions for use of the children's slide, check whether the safety device has malfunctions or hidden dangers, whether the rescue measures are complete, and explain and remind the children.

3. According to the child's physical condition, choose a suitable children's slide;

4. Try not to use it for young children or children with fear of heights, heart disease, or anemia;

5. During the use of children’s slides, do not allow children to jump off at will, play backwards, or stick their heads, hands and feet out of the protective fence;

6. When the children's slide fails, keep calm, don't panic, protect the children, and notify the staff of the relevant units for maintenance.

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