What is learning through play?
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What is learning through play?

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Actually, the term learning through play speaks for itself. It means that your child learns while they are playing. And this learning should be seen very broadly. While they play, your child develops at a creative, cognitive and emotional level. During play, your child’s motor development is stimulated and they discover the world, first their immediate surroundings, later a little further.

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 Playing is looking for solutions to problems (How do I put it together or take it apart?), but also developing the necessary skills in a social context. Your child plays and experiments while learning through play and remembers that knowledge. Learning through play is the natural biotope of every child. It is growing up in a safe environment, tailored to the child. An environment that stimulates and challenges, which is known and surprising at the same time. Learning through play is an essential part of your child’s development. We don’t say “get up and try again” for nothing. Or “when you try, you learn”. That’s exactly what learning through play is!

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