what can play bring to children?
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what can play bring to children?

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Learning from play has always been the goal of education. If learning can be not boring, painless, no worries, then all children will love learning. Sometimes the knowledge in books really needs to be memorized by rote in order to gradually understand its meaning and deepen the understanding of knowledge in the process of recitation. But there is a kind of learning to distinguish book learning, is a comprehensive activity to enhance children's ability, that is, play. It is said that let children play, Baili without harm, in the end, what kind of "super power" can play bring to children?

Play autonomy

One or two-year-old children will play with toys and try to wear clothes, buttons and laces on their own initiative. When children are curious about such things and want to solve problems on their own, parents should not interfere in their children's actions. These seemingly simple actions are a new attempt for children and a test of their self-ability. Therefore, as long as the children do not ask their parents for help, parents can encourage their children or give them some guidance to help them enjoy the joy of success in their own attempts.

As long as we observe carefully, we can find that even very young children have independent, coherent and rational thinking ability. After trying - failing - trying again, we can learn from it. If parents interfere too much, it will obviously interfere with children's practical exploratory thinking. In the long run, they will depend on their parents. The germination of autonomy will be stifled, and ultimately the children will be lost.

Play with hands-on ability

Whether it is painting with crayons or laying castles with blocks, whether it is paper-cut to cut out window flowers, or rubber mud to pinch a little red cap, these are works presented on the basis of children's hands-on ability.

At the age of two or so, children are particularly fond of scribbling. Although many parents do not understand the specific meaning of the colored lines on paper, they unconsciously express their feelings and show their joys and sorrows with brushes. As children grow older, their concepts of shape and color are improved year by year. They will depict what they see and imagine. The shape becomes clearer and clearer, more specific and more expressive.

Practical ability is the ability that children must master. Children with strong practical ability will not be weak in thinking, because in the process of manual operation, the child's brain will also work accordingly. Just like wearing beads, this simple practical activity should be calm and calm, but also try to find a way to quickly and smoothly thread through the beads, hands can not shiver, one by one on the rope, children must be happy and fulfilled to see their achievements.

Give children more chances to do things. Actually, doing things is to use both hands and brains.

Play imagination

Children's imagination is endless. They will not only play balloons as football, but also associate many things and make up a fantastic story. Many games need not only skills, but also imagination to add childlike colors to them. In play, children can use existing knowledge and games to connect, and then stimulate children's imagination and creativity.

In our paradise, many children will talk to themselves when they play with Barsa blocks. Careful observation will reveal that, in fact, when children place blocks, they will allocate their positions according to the size and shape of the blocks, with large lower surface and small upper surface. Older children will use sandpaper to polish wood blocks into various shapes, hammer nails into wood blocks, just like building houses and ships, younger boys will use wood blocks to imagine the castle, spacecraft, etc., pretending that aliens attack the castle, mouth also simulated the sound of tank cannons. Although they did not tell all the imaginary stories, I can see that in their minds, there must be a world like Star Wars, the stories are left to their own control. Enjoy it.

A spiritual child can't lack imagination. A child with imagination is happy. Sometimes imagination is also the spiritual power that supports a person to move towards his ideal.

Play willpower

Difficulties and setbacks can not be avoided by anyone. People who lack willpower are persecuted more deeply and violently by setbacks. People with strong willpower will go smoother and smoother in the future. In the play can cultivate children's willpower, often take children to play in the wild, hiking mountains. Japanese children are trained to endure cold in winter, not only to improve their physique, but also to train their spirit of enduring hardship.

Exercising willpower in children's play can be done at any time. Many children fall down. As long as they see their parents beside them, they cry hard and want to be loved by their parents. At this time, don't be soft-hearted. Let the children stand up by themselves. Only when they stand up, can the children know that they need to be careful in playing in the future, learn lessons and do not rely on their parents.

Playing has so many benefits for children and brings so many "superpowers" to children. What are parents waiting for? Give them more time to play and let their children thrive!

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