What Are The Risks of Opening A Trampoline Park?
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What Are The Risks of Opening A Trampoline Park?

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What are the risks of opening a trampoline park?

Investing in a trampoline park can be profitable, but it also comes with certain risks that investors need to be aware of in order to avoid pitfalls.

The children's consumer market has been growing since the implementation of the "two-child policy" in 2014, providing the trampoline park industry with new opportunities for growth. Although many venues have achieved profitability, some have also experienced losses. To minimize risks as an investor in this industry, it is important to pay attention to safety risks and business risks.


Safety risks are the most critical concern for trampoline hall investors. The safety of tourists should be a top priority to ensure both profitability and customer satisfaction. The equipment must be high quality, with rigorous inspections and maintenance to ensure their safe operation. Irregular behavior of tourists on the equipment should also be prevented through training of employees, and by posting instructions to ensure safe usage.

Business risks should also be taken into account. While the overall risk in the industry is low, investors should still keep a close eye on market conditions and trends, making adjustments if necessary. Ticket prices should be reasonable, affordable, and based on local economic conditions. Quick turnover and small profits should be prioritized to avoid equipment idleness.

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