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What Are The Good Games For Children To Play Outside

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    Children defenitely need play! So what are the conducive ways for children? Let's talk about it today!


    1. Game chess

    Designing a game chessboard, making a dice out of cardboard boxes, throwing a few steps, designing different rules for pausing once, retreating two steps, advancing one step in some lattices, or not using dice, scissors win a few steps, stones win a few steps, children will make rules themselves, and they are more willing to follow their own rules. Set the rules. This game is also suitable for kindergarten outdoor ring, just use tape or chalk to make a grid on the floor.


    2. Throwing.

    Draw a dart tray with chalk in the open space. Children use sponges as darts. It is a throwing exercise. They learn skills in the game and strengthen the control of the brain over the muscles. Xiaobian thinks it's good to use boxes instead of sponges, just like the popular beer cup push nowadays, to see whose ball stops close to the heart.


    3. Obstacle training

    Barrier training ground: in addition to choosing foam tube, you can also fill the plastic bottle with water, tie the rope, and different height of the water bottle will form obstacles of different heights. It is a good material to practice children's obstacle running and creeping forward. And it's cheap.


    4. Down Bowling

    Place the plastic bottles neatly, and let the children roll the ball at a certain distance. The number of children who pour the plastic bottles wins. Teachers can also add various praises to the children according to the situation.


    5.Section (connection) water relay

    Everyone has the awareness of environmental protection. We want our children to cultivate the awareness of environmental protection from an early age.    [play methods]  :Children are arranged from high to low. The first child picks up the water and falls back. Remember to be careful (always remember the importance of water).    The child behind picks up the empty bucket and catches the fallen water.  Teams should cooperate, maintain communication, and more teams will win!

So have got the approaches that mentioned aboved? So go outside with your children and enjoy yourself!


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