Trampoline Hot popular attraction: Screaming !! --- Super Slide
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Trampoline Hot popular attraction: Screaming !! --- Super Slide

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Trampoline Hot popular attraction: Screaming !! --- Super Slide

The super slide, with its exciting,screaming, and enjoyment, has captured a large number of fans. A sought-after device for kids or adults, almost every kid loves to play with slides as well as adults. Especially with the progress of the times, the introduction of excellent animations, the slides are no longer monotonous, and various themed slides have flooded the market. Follow the footsteps of the trend.

The reason why the Super slide is popular on the Internet

Due to children's strong curiosity about new things and adults' following trends, various Internet popular slides have emerged. Last year, the super slide became popular on the Internet. This is a slide that allows parents to accompany their children to play at the same time. It is also a slide that children may have the courage to play, but parents dare not play. Why do you say this?

Now the family born in the 1980s has become the mainstay of the society. At that time, there were neither so rich and interesting children's amusement equipments to play, nor the spending power to play the luxury goods of that era. It can be said that there are many parents who have never played slides or have never seen them before, and slides are unfamiliar to them


Secondly, the 90-degree Super slide is indeed a bit daunting. It is tall and straight. It slides down like a vertical free fall. Most people dare not play, let alone parents who have never played slides before? At this time, brave children are needed to cheer their parents up! When parents bravely try to slide down the Super slide, they will find out why children like it so much, and they will admire their bravery, and children play with their parents, which invisibly strengthens the parent-child relationship and brings them closer. Because parents of this age are working hard to create good living conditions for the family, they rarely have time to accompany their children. Children spend most of their time with their grandparents, and their relationship with their parents may not be so intimate. Parents are on vacation, and there is just such an opportunity to enhance the relationship between parents and children. I think both parents and children will fall in love with Super slides!

Design requirements for the super slide

The slides are all connected with fasteners, and there are no sharp objects protruding on the surface. Each component has multiple models and colors to choose from, and can also be designed and produced according to customer needs. The product is colorful, not easy to fade, high strength, anti-static, wear-resistant, light-resistant, aging-resistant, crack-resistant, strong; the structure is safe and durable. The clever combination of the various components of plastic makes the equipment bring a safe, joyful and lively atmosphere to customers. The series of large-scale combination slides are designed with unique and ever-changing games, which enable them to create infinite joy, vitality and attraction in a limited space. The style is fashionable, generous and high-end.

1. The playground height requirements of the Super slide

The reason why it is called the Super slide is because of its high height, which brings players a stimulating experience. Traditional slides have very low requirements on floor height, while the pocket house amusement Super slides are divided into three types according to height: 4.4 meters, 5.6 meters, and 7 meters. The floor requirements are 5.5 meters, 6.9 meters, 8.3 meters or more. Of course, the Super slide is a customized product, and it can also be customized according to the actual situation of the venue.

2. Description of Super slide Buffer

In addition to considering whether the floor height of the building is high enough, there needs to be enough buffer area. The higher the height of the super slide, the steeper the slope, and the faster the player will slide down. If there is not a long enough buffer, the player will stop abruptly when the player slides halfway, and there will be a collision between the body and the baffle, causing damage.


The charming attraction of the Super slide

With its cool appearance and visual sense of thrill and excitement, the Super slide has aroused a warm market response since its inception, captured a lot of children's fans as well as adult,becoming one of the beautiful sceneries in trampoline parks. Some visitors also mentioned the Super slide, saying that although slides are often played, it is the first time that such a exciting Super slide has been seen. Later, when she mustered up the courage to try, she also carefully sat up to the height of the slide. It was more than 7 meters high, and she dared not open her eyes when looking from the top down. She crossed her hands according to the instructions of the instructor. In front of my chest, I still feel very nervous, maybe because I have lacked the fearlessness and adventurous spirit of childhood, I took many deep breaths to adjust my mood, sat, and counted 1, 2, 3 silently in my heart. The eagle swooping down from the top of the snow-capped mountain, with the sound of wind whistling in his ears, seemed to return to the unscrupulous childhood in an instant. After coming down, my heart is filled with joy, and I still have no idea. No wonder the children like to play the Super slide so much!


Although the slides are mainly children's toys, this Super slide is a very meaningful children's amusement equipment for us adults. The Super slide not only allows parents to find the missing happy childhood, but also the important thing is to provide a good opportunity for parents and children to develop a relationship! It also integrates fitness and entertainment. According to the interests and hobbies of people of all ages, various styles are carefully designed and manufactured to build a new and creative large-scale slide. This is why the Super slide is so attractive~

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