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How to Clean an Indoor Playground

Cleaning your indoor playground is just as important as maintaining the structure. Keeping surfaces clean and disinfecting them occasionally can provide peace of mind to parents letting their children play on the playground. Additionally, you can maintain the appearance of your playground by cleaning it regularly.

Here are some considerations for cleaning your play area.

1. Understand the differences between cleaning, disinfection and sterilization

First, you need to know the difference between cleaning, disinfecting, and sterilizing. Cleaning only removes surface dirt, chemicals, and microorganisms. Even after cleaning, some bacteria may remain.

Disinfecting with chemical cleaners can significantly reduce bacterial counts. These cleaners work best when used after cleaning the surface with soap and water.

Disinfecting surfaces removes the greatest number of microorganisms. Disinfectant labels indicate whether they target fungi, viruses, or bacteria. The type of microorganisms targeted by disinfectants should be eliminated after treatment. As with disinfecting, it's best to disinfect surfaces after cleaning.

To optimize the health of your indoor playground, every cleaning should be combined with sanitizing or sanitizing.

2. Train employees on proper procedures for daily cleaning and incident response

Train your team to make sure everyone knows how to clean the play area regularly and respond to specific incidents. Workers need to know the proper procedures and products for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces at the beginning and end of their shift. They should also know how to scan areas that may need spot cleaning, such as muddy areas. Your play area should always look its best for visitors.

Emergency cleaning is critical in the event of a spill of bodily fluids or food. These issues require immediate attention.

3. Understand the manufacturer’s equipment guidelines

When developing an outline for cleaning indoor playground equipment, consult the owner's manual for recommended products and methods. For example, you should never use petroleum-based cleaning products with Soft Play’s playground equipment. Doing so may result in localized damage or loss of structural integrity.

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4. Follow these daily cleaning routines

When cleaning the playground each day, your team should do the following:

Wear gloves throughout the cleaning process.

Clean most surfaces with soap and water.

Scrub with a brush on a scratch-resistant surface.

Avoid cleaning windows or domes with paper towels or brushes to prevent scratching.

Use only ammonia-free cleaners on windows.

Choose a non-toxic sanitizer or disinfectant for your indoor playground equipment. You can mix 1 gallon of water with 1/3 cup of bleach. A 70% alcohol solution can also disinfect surfaces.

Never mix any cleaning agents.

Clean the device according to the instructions on the cleaner label.

Frequent cleaning throughout the day and at the end of each shift will help create the best environment for your guests. Make sure you have a cleaning checklist that employees can follow to get consistent results.

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5. Put up signage in your play area to inform guests of cleaning procedures and best practices

Signage is often the most effective way to communicate information about cleaning procedures to your customers. While some of the youngest children using your indoor play area may not pay attention to the signage, their parents will. These signs should state that your staff will clean the playground before and after opening and after any incidents.

You should also post signage at the entrance and around the play area to provide rules for children inside the playground. Here are some basic cleaning rules:

Do not enter the play area if you are sick.

Do not bring food or drinks into the play area.

Report any spills to staff immediately.

Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before and after playing in the playground.

These guidelines will help reduce the number of spills your staff have to deal with. Clear signage can also reassure parents that you have an effective cleaning procedure in place.

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6. Provide hand sanitizer stations in the play area

Hand sanitizer does not remove dirt or chemicals, but it kills many germs and reduces the chances of spreading bacteria and viruses. It can serve as a good alternative to hand washing when a sink is not available. It’s a good idea to place hand sanitizer near play areas so children can use it before and after using the equipment.

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