Toys for Children of Different Ages
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Toys for Children of Different Ages

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0-1 years old: Audio-visual touch toys - newborn babies in the physical and psychological development speed is very fast, the body and nervous system functions develop rapidly, visual and auditory gradually improved. At this time, children are more sensitive to some visual color shaking and auditory sounds, so they can choose some shaking and sound toys. Don't think that hanging a turntable toy on a baby carriage is just a decorative function. By swinging the toy, it can attract children's attention. In addition, through the traditional sound of bells and drums, shaking toys, can attract children, take them to practice turning over, crawling, standing or even walking, and promote the growth of thinking.

1-2 years old: Push-pull toys, ball toys, building blocks toys - this stage of children began to learn to walk independently, the guiding role of Bell and drum toys is not enough, but also to add some push-pull toys, ball toys, to help children maintain balance in the process of independent walking, in addition, to meet the needs of children climbing, throwing, jumping and so on. Yes. In addition, building blocks toys can promote children's understanding of shape and color, and provide preliminary intellectual enlightenment for children. Children aged 1-2 are in the stage of learning language by teeth. Voice toys can choose songs with voice, words or simple melody. Of course, the best language enlightenment comes from parents, so that children can gradually master language communication skills in imitation learning.

2-4 years old: shaking, balancing toys, colorful toys - 2-4 years old children are more sensitive to visual senses, different color stimulation can promote the formation of children's imagination and creativity, so this stage of toys should also be colorful. In addition, a small number of toy styles, shapes, children can feel different changes in touch, enhance the overall development of the child's brain. In addition, language comprehension ability is further upgraded. At this time, children can buy some words toys with bright colors, simple shapes, bigger pictures, or word chromons, so that they can gradually familiarize themselves with the text environment. And rocking toys such as Trojans and swings are always children's favorite. They can not only bring children happy time, but also cultivate children's balance ability, body coordination and problem solving ability.

4-6 years old: plush toys, models, family toys - with the children's ability to walk independently, the initial language skills, children's thinking ability is also gradually developing. Children always like to imitate adults. By learning from the imitated objects, they gradually form their own consciousness, judgment and personality. At this stage, many children like the family, such as plush toys, Barbie dolls, etc., in the family is often regarded as the "child" role, while children play the role of "adults", and through some toy kitchens, furniture models, car models, etc., set their own simulation life. By providing toys for children, they can cultivate their independent and social abilities and accelerate the formation of their EQ.

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