The relationship between games and children's development
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The relationship between games and children's development

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Game plays a far-reaching role in the development of children's thinking. In the process of playing, children must choose the items related to the game, thus, in the experience of children, these items are consolidated, which also provides materials and tools for children's thinking; games create a lot of different situations for children, which will produce different kinds of problems in various situations, which create situations for children to solve problems and improve children's ability to solve problems in intelligence; Competition in the game improves the speed and flexibility of children's thinking, and promotes the development of children's intellectual quality of thinking. Developing game activities is also conducive to cultivating children's inquiry spirit and stimulating their curiosity and thirst for knowledge. People with inquiry spirit often find out what they don't understand when they encounter problems. This is one of the spirits they need to achieve success. Game activities are conducive to cultivating this spirit, because finding and solving problems are part of the game, and the ability to discover and solve problems is a basic ability to adapt to life and future development. Drama activity is an important way to cultivate this ability. For example, in playing sand games, children found that some children easily built caves and houses, and not easy to collapse, and some children's houses are easy to collapse, what is the reason? Later, through observation experiments, it was found that the sand mixed with water is stronger, while the sand without water is looser and more difficult to shape, after teachers'explanation and children's exploration, gradually obtained the relevant sand. Knowledge can further stimulate children's interest, which will have a positive impact on the formation of good quality of independent thinking and finding reasons for problems in the future.

The sports game of letting children walk and run is not only to exercise their bones and muscles, but also to let children sing and dance. It is not only to cultivate their art. These active games not only cultivate children's lively, brave, perseverance and concern for the collective personality, but also contribute to the development of children's nervous system and brain, thus promoting the development of intelligence, as well as enhancing children's sensory integration ability, so as to avoid learning difficulties caused by sensory integration disorders such as inattention, writing and other fine motor disharmony. If a deck of playing cards can be used instead of copying a hundred times to recognize the numbers of 1-10, instead of "Come on, children, how much is 2+3 equal?" So boring arithmetic learning activities, and can improve learning efficiency, why don't we enjoy it?

Enthusiasm in games makes children's nature. Children learn new knowledge, practice language expression, develop observation, memory, attention and thinking ability in games, so that their learning potential can be exploited. "Children who can play will learn, and children who can learn will play more." The Outline pointed out: "Children should be supported to express their personality and creativity. Children's wishes should be respected absolutely and their ideas should not be influenced by their own suggestions." Chen Heqin's educational thought also points out that children should be the main body and the initiative of games should be given to children. In role games, children play what, how and with whom, I let them choose, make their own decisions, and let them be masters. So we also need to let children really become the masters of the game. Play is an autonomous activity of children and a need of children, not a coercive activity imposed by adults. In the game, children are not the executors of adult wishes. They play games according to their own needs and wishes. Teachers should view children's game autonomy from an all-round perspective. Children are the masters of the game. Let children play games freely. Never tie children to "dumb ducks"!

To sum up, the unique characteristics of games play an immeasurable and important role for children, and have a great impact on the development and improvement of children's creativity, intelligence and non-intelligence factors. It can be seen that game activities are an important way to cultivate children's good personality and other aspects.

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