The attention points for children playing in outdoor
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The attention points for children playing in outdoor

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Children in outdoor activities need to pay attention to the following points:

Children under 8 years old should not play scooter, otherwise it will affect the development of leg muscles and height of children.

Children under 10 years old should not play with bumper cars. Children's immature muscles and ligaments will be sprained and bruised because of strong vibration.

Children are not suitable for tug-of-war competition, which can easily cause the skin of their palms to be broken by ropes or dislocation, soft tissue injury, etc.

Outdoor activities are better prepared to deal with emergencies, such as Band-Aids;

Choose outdoor venues with high safety to avoid accidents.

Let children wear sneakers to participate in outdoor interaction;

Prepare water, fruit, children's food, clothing and other necessary preparations;

Reasonable arrangement of children's outdoor time.

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