Starting From An Operational Perspective And Thinking Backward
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Starting From An Operational Perspective And Thinking Backward

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Operational perspective is key to planning sports and entertainment center venues. The planning process should be approached backward, focusing on marketing, customer reception, and staff building. Adding products that are highly social media-friendly are considered when investing in sports and entertainment center equipment, like high-altitude swings, which create screaming, intense, and exciting scenes that attract social media attention. These investments help gain followers and increase engagement with the content.


The goal of planning is to improve the efficiency of employees and the satisfaction of customers. During the planning process, involving the operations team and store managers improves the feasibility and implementation of the plan. The communication and approval of the operation teams must be considered to guarantee the plan's effectiveness.

Overall, planning should be approached operationally, thinking backward, and should consider marketing, customer reception, and team building. Investing in equipment that enhances social media content is very important to align with the core channels for marketing. Improving customer satisfaction and employee efficiency are important goals to achieve successful operations. Involving the operation team and store managers in the planning process is crucial for effective delivery and implementation. Through well-planned operational procedures, customer satisfaction and operating results can be improved.

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