​How to Remove the Taste of Rubber Toy
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​How to Remove the Taste of Rubber Toy

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Many rubber toys can smell an unpleasant odor on them. Even plastic toys with better safety can smell a faint chemical odor. How to remove the smell of rubber toys? This is also a question many parents want to understand. Here is a small edition of Bai safety net to answer for you.

Newly bought rubber toys will have some unpleasant smell, can be placed in a ventilated position, until the odor has dissipated before playing for children. It can also be placed in the basin, and then add some detergent or 84 disinfectant for cleaning, can also effectively remove surface dust and bacteria, for the removal of the above taste effect is very good.

Rubber toys can also be sunbathed in the sun, for removing the smell of rubber has a certain effect. At the same time, you can also use some aromatic soaking agent, the premise is not to damage the toy. Normally, if the above methods are used, I believe that the taste of rubber toys can be removed. If there is still an unpleasant smell, it should be replaced in time and never play for children.

I believe that after reading Xiaobian's introduction, you already know how to remove the taste of rubber toys. Here I advise you not to buy cheaper rubber or plastic toys for children, or they will contain many toxic substances, which will do great harm to children's health.

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