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Outdoor games for children

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Outdoor games for children can refer to the following:

Crazy relay stick activities come outdoors, so that children give full play to their natural instincts, to run crazily is an activity that almost all children will not exclude. Parents and friends can take a child holding the right baton, determine the starting point and end point of running with the child, and then they can start running with the child, at the same time, they can invite other children to join in and enjoy themselves.

Playing football outdoors is also a good parent-child activity. Parents and friends can take a small ball of moderate size, hard and soft, standing three or five meters apart from their children. First, the father or mother kicks the ball to the child, and then let the child pass the ball in the same way. In this process, the child may kick the ball in the wrong position because of insufficient or excessive exertion. Then, at this time, Wuhan Jinghan Educational Editor recommends parents and friends. Let the child pick up the ball by himself and let the child do more sports. Parents and friends can also deliberately kick the ball off the side to exercise their children's quick reaction ability.

Collecting leaf activities and collecting leaf activities can help children understand different plants and increase biological knowledge in the process of getting close to nature. Parents and friends can choose to take their children to the park, or to the field, and then lead their children to collect different leaves, and consciously let the children to observe the color, shape, characteristics of leaves, while telling the children the names and characteristics of different plants, so that children can increase their extra-curricular knowledge in the process of approaching nature.

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