Outdoor Climbing Network Children's Play Facilities Toy Maintenance Notes
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Outdoor Climbing Network Children's Play Facilities Toy Maintenance Notes

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Outdoor Climbing Network Children's Play Facilities Toy Maintenance Notes At present, most of the children's playgrounds belong to static children's playgrounds toys. Although these comparative costs are indeed much lower, there is no freshness in children's play, children's play declines substantially, and children's love is not high, which causes the cost to rise. Children's indoor and outdoor development has become the current ratio. Compared with the new type of children's amusement facilities, which are highly interactive, more popular with children and parents, and the cost is not very expensive, and this large toy can interact with parents, then how to manage a children's amusement park to do a good job of daily outdoor climbing facilities for maintenance, i will introduce you to children's outdoor climbing in the maintenance of what attention safety. Now let's get to know something about it.

1. In the process of using indoor children's development equipment, because dust, soil and other non-metallic substances will hinder children's play, will also accelerate the wear and tear of parts, and will scrape the surface of parts, make parts temperature rise, lubricant deterioration, so children's development equipment needs to be cleaned regularly to reduce equipment dust and impurities;

2. In the process of maintenance and maintenance of children's development equipment, clear safety warning and warning should be set up, and corresponding personnel post responsibility system, safety rescue, health inspection, facilities and equipment maintenance and personnel service post responsibility system should be equipped to better guarantee the personal safety of tourists.

3. Every time the indoor children's development equipment has been used, it is necessary to carefully check whether the children's development protection device and amusement equipment are damaged. If serious wear or damage is found, timely maintenance or replacement should be carried out. Safety is the first priority.

The outdoor climbing network enhances the integration of equipment and children's sports needs, improves children's inner and physical quality, and is liked by the majority of children. From the perspective of children's playground facilities operation, operators should actively pay attention to the outdoor and indoor children's equipment development needs and maintenance work.

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