Indoor Playground Partyroom Reference——Wuyue AP Sports Indoor Playground
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Indoor Playground Partyroom Reference——Wuyue AP Sports Indoor Playground

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Indoor Playground Partyroom Reference——Wuyue AP Sports Indoor Playground

People often underestimate the profitability of the indoor playground Partyroom. This time, we will take Wenzhou Wuyue AP Sports Indoor Playground in China as an example to show people how partyroom is profitable and publicized, and provide a profit model.

1. Wuyue AP Sports Indoor Playground Partyroom Promotion


Professional team doing professional things! AP is your best choice!

We specialize in operating a large-scale indoor sports entertainment theme park integrating sports, entertainment, fitness, and high-tech game experience. It has 1,000+ square meters and more than 26+ sports and entertainment items.

We bring multi-functional experience to people of all ages and provide a healthy and happy family gathering platform. Customized party services, corporate team play, and social party services to meet different groups of people.

And we provide one-stop birthday party services, including electronic invitations, party dresses, party meals, hosts, party rituals, on-site play, on-site coaches with games, and provide a perfect day for your birthday!




·Value-added Services

Photography, video RMB1000 (USD140)

Professional host RMB1000 (USD140)

Professional theme dessert table RMB800 (USD110)


Magic clown show RMB800 (USD110)


Science Experiment RMB1000(USD140)



·Birthday Process


Kind tips:

1 The party process is shown in the figure, please refer to it. If there is any adjustment, we can communicate in advance

2 Parents prepare guest souvenirs

3 Parents prepare birthday cakes

4 It is recommended that parents prepare some small game gifts and provide game rewards

5 It is recommended that parents schedule photography or videography to record beautiful moments

Thank you for choosing AP to celebrate your birthday, and we look forward to seeing you there!

·Wonderful case renderings 










·Wonderful case video

·VR show


Through this link, you can see the indoor playground projects.

2.Small investment, big return——Partyroom

·Partyroom can lead more people into indoor playground.

Imagine such a picture, a parent held a themed birthday event for his child in the partyroom, and invited many children to participate. Children can not only have fun in the partyroom, but of course they will also play together in the fun indoor equipments. These invited children are likely to come here to celebrate their next birthday as well, or to play in the indoor playground during the holidays, thus forming a radiation circle. 

This model will drive the business of indoor playgrounds to become better.


·The income of the partyroom itself is relatively high.

Children's birthday parties are no longer the simple and cheap things they used to do at home: invite some neighbor kids, play some games, blow out candles, eat cake, and kick everyone out of the house.


And now mom and dad are busy and don't want the chaos or stress of having a party at home. With their gross income, they can justify spending a few hundred dollars at the party, excluding gifts.


As a result, partyrooms in indoor parks responded to strong demand. You can also see the income from the posters of Wenzhou Wuyue AP sports indoor playground.


All in all, partyroom is a great idea to make money for indoor playgrounds! Small investment, big return!

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