How to make your children happy
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How to make your children happy

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How to make your children happy

For many parents, raising happy children is the holy grail of parenting success. But too often, we think happiness is about those fleeting moments of getting what you want. Lasting happiness is actually much more complicated, but much more rewarding. And yes, you can dramatically increase your child's chances of being happy, just by the way you raise him or her.

The latest research on happiness gives us surprising answers. Once survival, safety and basic comforts are assured, external circumstance doesn't affect our happiness level much. Our genes certainly contribute, but their affect can be ameliorated to ratchet up our happiness set points to a higher level. The largest determinant of our happiness turns out to be our own mental, emotional, and physical habits, which create the body chemistry that determines our happiness level.

The following are some suggests.

  1. Teach your child constructive mental habits that create happiness.

    Managing our moods, positive self-talk, cultivating optimism, celebrating life, practicing gratitude, and appreciating our connected-ness to each other and the entire universe. Build these into your life together so you model them regularly, talk about using them, and your child will copy you.

  2. Regular exercise.

    Healthy eating, and meditation are all highly correlated with happiness levels. But you and your child may have your own, more personal strategies; for many people music is an immediate mood lifter, for others a walk in nature always works

    Cultivate fun.

  3.  Cultivate optimism.

    Its true that some of us are born more optimistic than others, but we can all cultivate it.

  4. Help your child find joy in everyday things.

    Studies show that people who notice the small miracles of daily life, and allow themselves to be touched by them, are happier.

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    Kids need play.Help your children find happiness.

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