How to invest in sports parks and what factors need to be considered in sports hall investment?
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How to invest in sports parks and what factors need to be considered in sports hall investment?

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The investment in sports halls pays attention to the right time, location, and harmony of people. Whether the investment in sports parks can be successful, the planning and design of sports halls in the early stage of investment accounts for 70%, so what factors are included in this 70%?


First,Sports hall market research

Market research is important! ! ! Only by mastering the entire market and understanding the market conditions can a sports park that can make a profit without losing money be opened at a suitable time and place, and sports park investors should comprehensively consider venues from the following points.

1. Whether there are competitors within the five-kilometer business area.

2. The degree of demand and potential consumer groups in the market within five kilometers (population, development level, economic income level, consumption capacity, etc.).

3. Industry trends in the five-kilometer business area (from cultural and sports, amusement places, etc., such as badminton halls, commercial areas, and gyms), understand the overall operating conditions and risk conditions of the area, and analyze the development potential. And understand the flow of people of other competitors, analyze their own advantages and make a differentiated competition model, remember to follow the trend blindly!

Second.Site selection for sports venue investment

1. Location of sports park venues

The target customers of the sports hall are generally children, teenagers, and young people. Therefore, it is recommended to choose the location of the sports park close to places where such people are concentrated, such as: schools, downtowns, large supermarkets, commercial complexes, and comprehensive entertainment venues. It is located on the first to third floors, and underground floors are strictly prohibited (unless it is an open underground floor that can pass fire protection).

2.Rent of sports venues, traffic conditions, and surrounding hardware facilities.

Due to the different consumption levels in different regions, the rental cost is also different. Considering the total cost comprehensively, it is recommended to choose an area with a lower rent and property level when selecting a site (factory reconstruction is a good choice). Choosing a good site is the best way to open a sports park One of the prerequisites for success.

Site selection: commercial centers, shopping malls (mall atriums), reconstruction of cultural centers (gymnasiums, badminton halls, tennis halls), gymnasiums, swimming pools, 4S stores, large amusement parks, factories, warehouses, steel frame houses, air film venues, resorts Hotels, scenic spots, self-built sites, etc.

Third. Stadium venue requirements

1. The sports playground has a high floor

The net height of the gymnasium should be more than 5 meters (no age limit).

If you want some sports park equipment with relatively high requirements, there are no restrictions. The higher the height of the venue, the better. Generally, the net height above 8 meters does not limit any high-altitude projects. The higher the height, the better the display effect.

2. Sports playground area

How big is the sports park suitable for? This has a lot to do with investors' planning and positioning of venues, as well as the structure of consumer groups near the venues. For all age groups, it is recommended to be more than 600 square meters.

However, how suitable it is depends on the surrounding population, venue planning, and investor funds. For example, for a comprehensive sports venue, the equipment area of the sports park generally only accounts for 60-80% of the entire venue, and the rest It is used for supporting facilities (reception, viewing platform, dining area, etc.). A venue with a suitable area can optimize the customer experience and quickly realize the profitability of the sports venue.

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