How to Establish a Better Preschool Playground (2)
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How to Establish a Better Preschool Playground (2)

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4.Install traditional games markings

If you are looking for an affordable way to encourage children to participate in physical activities during their breaks and lunchtimes then playground markings are the ideal answer. Sports marking can provide your pupils with just the right incentive to play football, netball, basketball and a range of different sports. There are also markings for other fun and games activities, traditional and more modern.

5.Add a touch of excitement

Increasingly, schools are now installing far more exciting playground equipment as part of their playground mix. This includes obstacle courses, climbing frames, traversing walls, play towers and even parkour equipment. Designed for safety, these items are great fun to play on and get the children active during their free time. They are also helpful in developing a whole range of skills, getting pupils to problem solve, take risks, face challenges and become more resilient.

The fun doesn’t need to end there. There are also outdoor musical instruments, mud kitchens, water and sand equipment and a whole lot more. No matter what your pupils’ age, abilities or interests, there is something to excite everyone.

6.create different play zones

Our final tip is not about the types of products you can install in your school playground, but about how you install them. Over the years, we have found out that dividing your playground into different zones is the best solution. This provides safety by enabling you to put the more physical activities in areas where they are likely to cause less harm or damage: you don’t want children traversing a wall to be knocked off by a high-flying soccer ball, for instance.

Zoning can also help you to manage the playground and supervise pupils better. You can keep older children away from younger ones, or place noisy activities away from quieter ones.

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