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How to deal with children's discarded toys

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With the continuous improvement of living standards, children's toys are becoming more and more expensive. However, because there are not many children in every family now, as long as the children like it, parents will still be willing to pay for it.

Tools/raw materials

However, with the growth of children, the replacement of toys is also accelerating. Many toys have been abandoned before long. Looking at these "chicken ribs", parents frown. Lose these toys, and feel very wasteful, keep them, and children into the cold palace, what to do?



A clever move:

We can put away the toys that our children don't want first, and then wait until they get tired of playing with the new toys, and then move the old toys out for new ones. In this way, old toys will be treated as new toys by children. Is it amazing, because the children are new and tired of the old, for a period of time did not see these toys, and then when they come out again, the children will have a fresh sense of toys, therefore, the old toys for children, will become new toys.


Coup two:

Those toys that babies are tired of playing with, throw them away? It's a pity that it's so new. And they're all purchased from real gold and silver. What should we do?

At this time, may as well try to help toys take a few photos, and then put them on Taobao or other website second-hand trading network to sell, or exchange with others what you need on it, so it is also a magic of decay, neither waste, but also take what you need, why not?...


Coup three:

See if it's possible to continue playing with the toys. If not, you can choose to give them to relatives and friends. However, at the same time, first consult the child's opinion, and then with the child to send out the toys. In this way, not only to respect the children, but also to avoid the children suddenly remembered to cry for toys. Moreover, children can be trained to learn to care for them, learn to care for others, love others, learn to share good habits.


Coup four:

You can choose a few pieces to save, and when the baby grows up, you can give the baby memories of childhood. I think the baby will be very happy to pinch the toys of childhood and tell you about the fun of childhood. In this way, not only won't waste, but also help to enhance the feelings between parents and children, kill two birds with one stone!...


Coup five:

Maybe you're embarrassed about giving toys to acquaintances, so we can choose to donate them. Most families have 78% new toys. Parents can first sterilize toys in high temperature, sort them out, and then donate them to charities, dragging them to donate to migrant workers'children or mountain children. These toys may already be something we're going to discard, but for them, it's a real bonus.


Coup six:

As the toy market continues to exaggerate and the demand continues to increase, the surplus of baby toys will also increase. Then, maybe we can try to derive the second-hand toy purchasing station, toy exchange, toy maintenance station and other industries, not only to solve the current employment problems of some people, but also to allow toys to play a "waste heat", so that parents do not need to spend a lot of money to buy new toys, but also to meet the children's fresh feeling. .


Coup seven:

If possible, gather a few children from the neighborhood or relatives and friends, and then each child brings together a few toys that he or she is tired of playing with, and open a toy exchange Patty bar. Let children not only find their favorite new toys in exchange, but also learn to share, and some can learn the concept of financial management. This is also a good choice for parents and children.


Matters needing attention

With these tricks, mothers can tidy up the long-standing storage room, and the old toys like hills probably won't become mothers'distress. It is also a challenge for mothers to sort out toys in a logical way and then deal purposefully with the poor babies abandoned by children.

Finding a new home for toys and a new owner is also a good choice for mothers. At least it's better for players who aren't completely old than trash cans, isn't it?

Hope that the above tips and suggestions can be used as a reference for mothers to organize waste toys everyday.

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