How to create an excellent indoor sports park brand cartoon image mascot?
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How to create an excellent indoor sports park brand cartoon image mascot?

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How to create an excellent indoor sports park brand cartoon image mascot?

As indoor sports parks become more and more popular, franchised stores of sports parks have also gradually increased. As an extension of the brand - good-looking and interesting brand mascots can often attract more customers' attention, and provide support for sports Paradise manufacturers have brought some brand extension products other than games, so more and more brands have begun to pay attention to the creation of brand mascots.

Speaking of brand mascots, Kumamoto, the mascot of Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan, is extremely popular, and its IP marketing development has brought extremely objective economic benefits to Kumamoto Prefecture. Successful cases of the same type include The Avengers, Peggy Pig, etc.

The benefits that an excellent brand mascot can bring are often considerable, so how to create an excellent brand mascot as a newly emerging indoor sports park?


1: Why do indoor sports parks need brand mascots?

Mascot is the product of brand, product and marketing, which can effectively improve brand affinity, brand recognition, brand perception, brand memory and brand extension, thereby establishing brand effect.

(1) Brand affinity of sports parks

When consumers have a sense of familiarity, intimacy and trust in the sports park brand, and agree with its social status and significance, we believe that the brand has a brand affinity.

(2) Brand recognition of sports parks

Sports park brand mascot is an effective means to improve brand recognition

(3) Brand perception of sports parks

Sports park mascots can make the brand image more three-dimensional than long-winded texts, greatly improving brand perception, and letting consumers perceive you means that it is easier to choose you.

(4) Sports park brand memory

Brand memory refers to "easy to remember" and "remember firmly" without deliberate memory motivation, which is mainly realized through image memory and logical memory.

(5) Brand scalability of sports parks

Brand mascots need to be used in many marketing scenarios, including soft peripherals (icons, software interfaces, advertising images, promotional activity pages, etc.), hard peripherals (brand dolls, gifts, cultural shirts, venue decoration, etc.).

2: How to shape the brand mascot of the sports park


(1) Sports park brand positioning

According to the brand positioning of the sports park, such as: the positioning of the age group, such as the positioning of the sports park style. For IP mascots, brand positioning is the core, and an IP mascot without brand positioning is like a body without a soul, wandering around and following the crowd.

(2) Creation of sports park brand IP

There are many IPs on the market, both good and bad, and one or two "explosive IPs" will emerge from time to time. However, it is not easy for sports parks to find IP authorizations that suit their own brand tone and cost-effectiveness. You can create your own IP, obtain a well-known IP authorization, or combine the two. There are advantages and disadvantages, and you can choose according to your own situation.

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