How can the sports hall do a good customer service experience and what should be done in terms of sports park services?
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How can the sports hall do a good customer service experience and what should be done in terms of sports park services?

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There is no doubt that the main consumer group of the sports hall is the children, but the real dominant consumer is always the parents. So, what should the sports hall investors do to meet the needs of adults on the basis of catering to the needs of children? How to improve the parents' sense of experience, so that they become loyal customers?


First, the sports hall should be set up for different age groups play area

Some areas of the sports hall need to provide children with play equipment, such as naughty castle, rainbow climbing net. Out of concern for the safety of children, there is usually one or more parents accompanied by play, children see favorite toys, play facilities are always infinite energy. Similarly, there is a need to set up some adult play area, can provide some sports equipment for adults to play, so that visitors of all ages can play sports hall.

Second, the sports park needs to add diversified services

Sports park can add some special cold drink and dessert store, can solve the problem of visitors to supplement the physical strength, but also to achieve the sports park diversified business, to attract more tourists than the traditional indoor park.

You can also set up adult leisure areas, such as nail bars, yoga areas, or Internet surfing areas for adults to spend freely. This kind of linked consumption can add a considerable amount of income for the sports park, but also will extend the time of visitors to play, killing two birds with one stone.


Third, do a good job in training services for sports hall staff

Many parents' impression of the sports hall originates from the venue's staff. Therefore, the first step to enhance parents' experience is to improve the service level of the sports hall staff.

Sports hall staff must have a good service concept, professional skills, polite language, a warm attitude, humane service, neat grooming, etc.. This will improve the parents' experience not only to enhance consumer satisfaction, but also to make these consumers become "loyal repeat customers" of the sports hall!

Fourth, the sports park should know more about the customers and provide timely feedback

The sports park needs to understand the customer's experience, so as to solve the shortcomings and develop future sports park operation strategies. Many well-known brands will have some of their own loyal customers, so how did such loyal customers come?

Must be the brand made a better service. Like the classic case in the hotel industry: remember the customer's name, room preferences and eating habits, etc.. Treating tourists as friends and interacting with them emotionally, these actions can build a good emotional relationship with them, and they will naturally trust the brand and increase their consumption.

If the visitors are only product services, there is no continuation of services; in the minds of the visitors, the sports park is just a business, and does not develop into a loyal customer relationship.

Fifth, the sports hall should make customers feel the treatment of walking

"The customer is God." This is a well-known phrase in the service industry, especially for this service oriented society, must increase the attention to customers, so that customers feel our heartfelt service attitude. Treat each person as an independent individual, rather than programmed to understand them.

These are just a few of the initiatives that can improve the consumer experience of the sports hall, but of course they are not the only ones. I believe that investors can better realize the differentiated operation of the sports hall after doing these points.

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