Funding for Playgrounds: How Can We Raise Money?
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Funding for Playgrounds: How Can We Raise Money?

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Before You Raise Your First Dollar: Getting Ready for Financing

Raising money for a playground is a project in itself, and can take several months to come to fruition. In most cases, the money will not come from one source, either, meaning you’ll need to explore multiple playground funding options. However, before starting to explore playground-funding ideas, create a game plan. You will need to:

1) Have a plan or design in place.

Donors want to make sure their money is put to good use and they're more likely to take your request for funds seriously if you can show that you have a carefully thought out plan. If you're building a playground at a daycare center, for example, you could show them the playground location/venue and discuss the types of equipment that you might need. Even a simple drawing of what the finished playground will look like can spur donations.

2) Get organized

Make sure you have planners, calendars and a system for keeping track of all grant applications, playground funding ideas and financing opportunities. Keeping everything in one system will ensure you don't overlook a key deadline or opportunity.

3) Gather a team

Because securing funding for a playground is an extensive project, you might consider utilizing a group of volunteers. You may need to have separate people or committees to contact prospective donors, research grant opportunities and write grant applications. Give everyone a job, making sure the people you appoint are the best ones for that position and they understand their deadlines and goals of the project.

4) Set up a money system

You're going to need an account to keep the funds safe and in one place. Depending on your needs, you may want to open a savings account so the money earns interest while you raise additional funds. Alternatively, the money can be placed into an escrow or checking account. In addition to a bank account, you will need a system to keep track of donations. That way, you can stay on track for your target and properly acknowledge everyone who donates.

5) A plan for keeping motivation high

You need a plan to make sure volunteers, workers and the community around you continue supporting the playground project, even if it takes months or years to raise the money. How will you maintain energy? How will you keep people interested in the playground? You may want to send out a monthly e-newsletter informing people of playground-related efforts and to keep them excited. You may also want to set up a display outside of your place of worship, daycare or YMCA to show donors how much money has been raised to date.

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