A Good Way to Clean Balls
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A Good Way to Clean Balls

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Why should we need to clean ball pit ?1. 

1.  Washing machine is a cleaning machines that used to clean plastic ball .Most of ball pool items lacks of efficient washing machine, it is difficult to guarantee ball pool cleaning and sanitation, has an impact on the physical health of children.

2.  Hygiene and safety in the ballponds are one of your top priorities, particulary in this day and age where they are considered of great importance.It is a fact that regular maintenance and cleaning of ball pit are an absolute necessity.Thanks to our ball pool cleaning machine, you can now stay on top of this problem at all times.

3.  After the cleaning, washing machine can quickly dry Ocean balls, can be used directly after washing, do not need to take the time to dry, almost zero impact on the amusement park operation.


How Bettaplay ocean balls cleaning machine works?

catch balls ---> ultraviolet-ray sterilization --->washing ocean balls ---->dry ocean balls-----> finish

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