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  • Trampoline park case share~
    Trampoline park case share~Tenglong Sports Center is a indoor trampoline and adventure park project in Chongqing, which is a municipality in southwest China. The target customers of the sport center is mainly the teenagers and young people, in the hope to bring happiness and health to our new genera
  • Bettaplay Wish you a Happy New Year 2022
    Dear all wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
  • Why parents choose indoor playground to hold the kids’ party?
    Each year, we are given an opportunity to throw a great party and celebrate the birth of our children. This presents us with a great occasion to invite our friends and family members, as well as the friends of our kids. Just like pretty much every other kind of party, a child’s birthday party encomp
  • What are the benefits of having a child’s birthday party at a kid’s indoor playground?
    Playgrounds are children’s own personal worlds of adventure, catered to kids and kids alone. Unlike most of the normal world, playgrounds are kid-sized and kid-dominated. We all have our own personal memories of exploring the world contained within playgrounds as children, where nothing but the ends
  • Why parents prefer to take kids to indoor playground?
    Indoor playground is not a new thing,1. Alternative to outdoor play settingsIndoor playgrounds prove to be a good alternative way for outdoor playgrounds because kids may not be allowed to play outside on bad weather days. They may be locked up in homes,
  • Why indoor playground is the best choice for kids birthday party?
    As any parent will know, trying to set up a birthday party place for kids at home can be a nightmare. You might simply lack the space, the time, the budget or the facilities to make a fun and engaging time for the kids. What you can do, though, is turn to indoor playground centers for kids. These often make the best birthday parties, offering an abundance of activities that your kids simply wouldn’t have had access to beforehand.
  • A Good Way to Clean Balls
    Why should we need to clean ball pit ?1. Washing machine is a cleaning machines that used to clean plastic ball .Most of ball pool items lacks of efficient washing machine, it is difficult to guarantee ball pool cleaning and sanitation, has an impact on the physical health of children.
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