Tips and warnings of being a good parent (2)
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Tips and warnings of being a good parent (2)

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  Tips of being a good parent (2)

  • To say that parents need to be good at multitasking is an understatement. You constantly need to juggle life's obligations and the needs of your children. As a parent, seek balance and support when you need help getting it all done, and be kind to yourself when something slips through the cracks.

  • When you need to discipline make sure it's necessary.

  • Reflect on your own childhood frequently. Identify mistakes your parents made, and make an effort to avoid passing them on to the next several generations. Every generation of parents/children gets to make a whole set of new successes and/or mistakes.

  • Be honest with your child/children. Don't try to hide anything because they will find out sooner or later.

  • Don't think you know your child inside out, if they tell you they no longer like something, trust them.

  • Be accepting and supporting of your child, not doing so may cause them to push you away and maybe even lead into bad habits like alcohol/drug abuse.

  • Do not share your own past misbehavior with your children because they will compare themselves to you and thus, expect less from themselves.

  • Try not to smoke in front of your children, as they may end up imitating your behavior, which is especially problematic if they are underage.

  • If you are angry at your child, calm yourself down, and calm your child too.

  • Take your child to beautiful places and enjoy the sightseeing.

Warnings of being a good parent 

  • While praising kids, focus on effort and not end results to avoid raising praise-junkies.

  • Do not strictly follow the parental behavioral stereotypes of your culture, race, ethnic group, family, or other defining factor. Please do not believe that there is only one way to raise a child.

  • Never over-indulge a child. It can lead to stubborn and irresponsible behavior.

  • Do not be afraid to be a parent. Do your best, be their friend, but never let them forget you are their parent, not a collaborator.

  • Parenting does not stop when a child grows up. Being a good parent remains a life-long role. But remember that once they become adults, the decisions they make in life are ultimately theirs with their consequences.

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