Interesting Activities to Do at the Park
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Interesting Activities to Do at the Park

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nteresting Activities to Do at the Park

Playgrounds and parks have always been a place for families to gather to enjoy their natural surroundings. We are so fortunate to have a range of parks near us with awesome playgrounds with water features, creeks, ponds, mangroves and awesome equipment. There are also a few fantastic all-ability playgrounds which enable children using wheelchairs to experience swinging, a flying fox, sand play or spinning too. The following are some interesting activities that I highly recommend to do at the park.

1.Go fly a kite

Flying a kite is serious fun! Running through a large open area to try to launch your kite into the wind is something everyone should try at least once in their life.

2.Have a picnic

It doesn't have to be fancy or a big deal. Just grab a blanket (a foldable waterproof picnic blanket is OK) and take lunch to the park one afternoon -- your kids will talk about it for weeks.

3.Hike a trail

Get out and explore some unknown path or one of the marked trails - be adventurous! Check your park's trail map for the length of each trail and choose one that best fits your family.

4.Play a game

Take a frisbee, football or kickball with your kids and get moving during your visit. Or play a fun game of keep-away or tag as a family.

5.Be a shutterbug

Grab a camera and see what inspires you!  It's always interesting to see what kids will decide to photograph.

6.Take a ride

If your park has paved trails, enjoy an afternoon bike ride together. Or if there's a pond or lake at the park, jump in a kayak or canoe for a boat ride -- one of our favorite summer outings!

7.Explore the trees

Parks are great places to explore a variety of trees and learn a little science. You can view different types of leaves, tree seeds and talk about the various ways trees are used by animals. What’s more, you can make a handbook with these different things, and you'll be able to identify trees, insects, animals and more with this awesome handbook. That's perfect for kids & adults!


So, don't stay at home on weekends anymore. Go to park and play with your kids!

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