How to keep your children safe ?
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How to keep your children safe ?

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How to keep your children safe ?

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Bettaplay provides one stop solutions of children's commercial,playgrounds from design, manufacture and install and hours of fun and challenge and allows children of all ages to take part in. Hundreds kids play together , it is not easy to take good care of children . 

Security issues become a problem we are most concerned about .

Here is a question , how to keep children safety when they playing ? Also can  say how to keep children safe at any time ? 

As a parents or adult, there are 7 steps we can teach or do for children .

Step 1 :

Tell your children that mice, spiders and bees are not necessarily dangerous, but should be respected from a distance. In fact, animals such as cats and dogs are much more likely to hurt your kids, must respect for all animals must be taught.

Step 2:

Keep your children within sight while in public places, such as indoor playground  or amusement park . Do not let them wander off unless they're older children.

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Step 3:

Choose a babysitter carefully, making sure the person will not neglect your children. When a family member is not available, consider using a sitter that a family member or trusted friend has recommended.

Step 4:

Explain and show your children how to Dial 110 (CN),911 (US) or 999 (UK)in case of an emergency. 

Step 5:

Talk to your children and let them know that they can talk to you freely  "Dear, you know you can talk to me anytime"

Step 6:

Instruct your child or children to stay with a group while waiting for the school bus; or to stay in front of the school while that they are waiting for you.

Step 7:

Teach your children safety rules on play equipment, such as climbing on monkey bars or swimming pools. Although it can be fun for them, it can also be dangerous.

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