How to cultivate children's character
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How to cultivate children's character

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From today's children's point of view: because they are only children, they are "the little sun" and "the little emperor" at home, and some families neglect their children's mental health education, or fail to adopt correct educational methods in education, and pay no attention to the cultivation of good behavior habits, which leads to the psychological "self-centered" of children. "I'm the only one," wayward, self-willed. Over time, form bad habits. According to the survey data of relevant parties in China, the qualified rate of Chinese children's psychological quality is only 19%, compared with 41% in the United States and more than 60% in Japan. Some people say, "Chinese children are world-famous for their intelligence and intelligence, and their psychological quality is also well-known." Therefore, we must attach great importance to family education, and apply the correct methods of family education, in order to ensure the healthy growth of children until they become successful.
First of all, education should start with understanding children, understanding children, strengthening emotional exchanges with children, and establishing good family interpersonal relationships. Understanding is to understand children's personality, interests, hobbies and what they think, what they usually do, and what kind of people they associate with. Understanding is not to neglect the role of children in the family, where he has a place to express his views, but not to say "what children understand". Family affairs should listen to their opinions and build family democratization, that is, to respect the rights and status of every member of the family. Respecting children's rights and status in the family is not to spoil and spoil children blindly and put them in the position of "little emperor". Compliance with children is not respect, but spoiling.
Secondly, teaching by example is more important than teaching by words. In the family, children grow up under the influence and education of their parents and in understanding the world around them. Parents'attitudes towards life, career, life and others have an important impact on their children. Therefore, parents should constantly improve their own quality.
On the basis of the above understanding and understanding of children, while emphasizing personal education over teaching, we should pay attention to the educational method of "opening a lock with a key", so as to achieve good results. Following is a list of several common types of children's performance and main education methods:
The first category: children with excessive energy. Such children are mainly playful, noisy, fighting and difficult to discipline, but they are smarter, more responsive and more receptive.

Children's personality, the best or let nature, of course, let nature not be laissez-faire, appropriate guidance norms, it is necessary.
First of all, do not have a fixed pattern, the boy must be in the amusement park to play happily, so born calves are not afraid of tigers. But that's not necessarily true of every child. Some are more elegant. Often standing by, they are normal and happy. There's nothing wrong with it, nothing wrong with it.
As for you, it is cowardly to say that the child can't fight back and that he won't get his toys back when others rob him. I don't think so. I think this is a character of him, not a wrong character to correct. Should people beat him back and rob him of his things? Should he go and get them back? It's not right to beat people and grab things, but it's also wrong to fight back and grab things back. The sum of the two mistakes is not equal to one right. You should ponder this truth.
You said that it is impossible for him to be bullied when he comes to kindergarten, because kindergarten is an educational institution. Many children will have different personalities when they are together. Teachers will take good care of children with different personalities. An easygoing, weaker child in a good environment is not destined to continue to grow into a pitiful adversary.
Secondly, if a child robs his child's toys, is that okay? Not at all. Children must be taught that they have the right to own their own things. Of course, it is difficult to get back what has been stolen, but it can only be achieved by shouting and trying to get it back. You can use more firm language to reason with the child who robs something, and you can even promise him to play after playing (when you say you want to do it).
Thirdly, if the child who robs someone refuses to accept it, parents or teachers should come forward to do justice, which is beneficial to both sides. You can teach your children to protect their rights: "I'm playing with it now! I'll play for you later and return it to you now. This is his, wait for him to play after you, can not rob. If the child who robs something gives it back, he must say "Thank you" and give it to him after playing.
Fourth, to accept the more easy-going way of dealing with children, usually careful, more self-protection, which is better than other parents to come home and complain about your child bullying others'children? Besides, many successful people speak softly and never take advantage of other people's things. His easygoing personality does not affect his success.


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