How to be a responsible child in your family ?
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How to be a responsible child in your family ?

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How to be a responsible child in your family ?

1.  Stay neat and organized. Parents love to see clean rooms, organized closets, and floors that don't have piles of things on them. Do a little bit of cleaning each day so it is never overwhelming.

     Try setting aside a time to do five minutes of cleaning, such as after supper each evening.

2.  Dress well and take good care of your body. Find your own personal style: cute, preppy, girly, boyish, serious, or whimsical. Whatever your style, your clothes should be neat. Brush your hair and teeth, stay clean, and eat fruits and vegetables. This will help you look and feel like an angel child.

     If you can't do everything by yourself yet, that's okay. Ask a parent, sibling, or another caregiver for help.

3.  Stay on top of your responsibilities. Do your homework as soon as you come home, which will please your parents and give you the rest of the day free. Put effort into your schoolwork, and get the best grades you can.

     Remember that in the long run, effort is more important than doing a perfect job. Even if you can't get above-average or average grades, an admirable work ethic will pay off. Your parents will be proud of you for doing your best.

     If you need help, ask for it! This won't bother your parents—it shows them that you care.

     Get plenty of sleep, eat well, and spend time outdoors. This shows your parents that they taught you well.

4.  Acknowledge your mistakes. Blaming other people is immature (and parents can usually tell when you're doing it). Instead, go to your parents and say, "It was my fault. I messed up, and I'm sorry." Even if they're unhappy about your mistake, they'll be proud of you for owning up to it. But don't backanswer, they can surely get angry and would always point out your mistakes the next time. So, control yourself and stay calm even in the time of worst situations.

5.   Keep your promises. If you offered to help, do what you said you'd do. Parents appreciate reliability, and they'll trust you when it comes to the important things.

      If you aren't sure whether you can do something, don't promise to do it. Instead, say "I think I can," or "I'll try."

      If for any reason you can't keep a promise, say so right away! Explain what's going on, apologize, and talk with the person about what to do next.

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