How to Discipline a Child
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How to Discipline a Child

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Discipline is a way to teach your child appropriate behavior, not punish them.Depending on your child’s age, you will discipline them differently. When disciplining your child, start by setting some rules that your child clearly understands. When implementing discipline, be consistent and set rules that encourage your child to succeed. Affirm when your child does something right and encourage their best behavior.

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1.Establish house rules. Regardless the age of your child, it’s important that they know the difference between appropriate behavior and inappropriate behavior. Let your child know what you expect of them by setting house rules. Your child should know what behaviors are off limits and what happens when they break a rule.


2. Establish a routine. Children thrive with routines as they help them feel safe, secure, and as if they can anticipate what’s to come. If you notice that your child struggles with behaviors at the same time each day or melts down when they feel tired, take note of these things and create a routine that can accommodate their needs.

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3. Provide natural consequences to behaviors. Allowing natural consequences to occur can help your child gain a sense of cause-and-effect and build self-responsibility. When allowing natural consequences to occur, give your child choices and let them know what the outcome will be regarding their choices. Your child ultimately will decide what happens and experience the consequences.


4. Be consistent with consequences. Many parents get in the habit of making exceptions or allowing behaviors to slide without consequences. Children need to know you will follow through on consequences and that they cannot weasel their way out. Show them that you mean business by enforcing consequences each time they act out.

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5.Have realistic expectations. Setting the bar too high for your child’s behavior can lead to them feeling pressure, while setting the bar too low may lead to a bratty child or one who won’t reach their full potential. Children develop differently and may have different strengths and weaknesses. If you have older children, don’t expect your younger children to act or behave the same way.

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