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FAQ-- Tips Of Raise A Child

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1. Why is emotional punishment  better than physical punishment?

    No kind of abuse teaches a child anything valuable, it only creates damage and a strained relationship between you and your child. Emotional abuse isn't any better than physical abuse, and 'emotional punishment' is not what the article advocates, either. Punishment should simply be logical and consistent. When you mistreat people or refuse to cooperate, you don't get to have what you want. Or, when you don't uphold your end of an agreement we made, I don't uphold my end of the agreement (doing or giving you something you wanted). These are the basic, real-world-applicable principles you should be teaching, and you can teach them effectively without damaging your child or your relationship with them.

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2. How important is nurturing a child ?

    Love and attention is as essential to the well being of a child as food and water. Children who grow up without affection have severe behavioral and emotional problems.

3. I'm a single dad. My 8 year old child has returned home after 4 years of separation. Evidence of trauma is apparent. How can I build his confidence and resilience even he is afraid to sleep in his own bed because he is afraid of bad dreams post trauma?

    If your child has undergone any type of trauma, please seek professional help for both you and your child.

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4. My daughter is almost 3 but doesn't speak well. What can I do to help her speak according to her age?

    You may want to have her hearing tested. Sometimes when children are not speaking at their age level it is because they are not hearing words well enough to learn them.

5.My dad constantly spanked me when I misbehaved and as I grew older, I got into many fights, and my doctors said I might have PTSD. Could this be caused by my dad resorting to violence?

    It could be, yes. Childhood abuse can have a lasting psychological impact on a person.

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6. My son is 8 years old but very reluctant to change his clothes himself without parent help. He also avoids eating meals and fruits, he only eats snacks and drinks juices. What do I do with him?

    To solve the latter problem you can give him water in colored glasses to drink, to make it seem like he is drinking some juice. For meals you can play games, such as creating something inventive with the food, or creating quizzes about the food. For the clothing problem you can encourage him to change clothes within limited time. If he does dress up quickly you can give him praise. Note that you give him the clothes that he has to wear until he is a bit older.

7. How can I relate to a chid who doesn't like talking?

    If they don't like talking, then focus more on quality time. Find out what activities they enjoy and do those things with them, but without the expectation of conversation.

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8. What is a permissive parent?

    A permissive parent is a parent who practices permissive parenting, which is a parenting style that imposes relatively few rules on children.

9. My child doesn't want to hang out with me or his mom. What should I do?

   Try to talk to him and take him to fun places and make sure he feels like he can tell someone what's wrong.

10. Is it normal for my newborn to be very energetic?

    Kids come with a huge variety of temperaments. If you are concerned, you can consult your pediatrician for professional advice.

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