Why You Need Special Socks at a Trampoline Park
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Why You Need Special Socks at a Trampoline Park

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Why You Need Special Socks at a Trampoline Park


So why are these socks necessary? What benefits do they provide? Here is a little more about trampoline socks and how they make for a better jumping experience.

What Are Trampoline Socks?

The special socks required by trampoline parks are essentially non-slip socks made from stretchy material. The grippy designs on the bottom are intended to create friction. Meanwhile, the rest of the sock rests tightly against the foot, allowing airflow and keeping your feet comfortable as you jump. Unlike regular socks, Hangar socks won’t move on your feet or bunch up. A quality design ensures they fit snugly and are almost unnoticeable.

For Safety

First and foremost, trampoline socks are for safety. Thanks to high-traction soles, the socks prevent your feet from sliding along the trampoline’s surface. They also prevent your toes from getting snagged or stuck as you jump. Slipping and snagging cause many trampoline injuries. Additionally, the socks act as cushioning for the soles of your feet. Because of the material used to make a trampoline, repeated friction could cause burns or other damage to the bottom of bare feet. Trampoline socks protect against this.

For Hygiene

It doesn’t take much thought to realize the importance of not allowing bare feet on communal trampolines. Trampoline socks go a long way toward controlling the spread of disease. Bare feet can easily transmit bacteria or viruses, not to mention causing sweaty trampolines! By wearing your  socks, you help  keep equipment clean and our patrons healthy.

Things to Remember

it’s important that you not share trampoline socks to prevent the spread of disease. Make sure you take your socks home and give them a good wash after your amazing workout. All things considered, trampoline socks are an awesome tool. They are inexpensive, look great, and do a fantastic job of protecting your feet.To get your socks and start jumping!

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