Why Do Kids Like to Climb?
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Why Do Kids Like to Climb?

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The first sport a kid learns from childhood is to climb on the floor and then to climb higher places. Why do kids like to climb? There are five reasons for kids' climbing. 

To begin with, it 's beneficial for kids' agility and coordination. Climbing activities require kids to mobilize all parts of the body coordinated operation. It needs to play hands, feet, eyes and body. Kid's grip climbing skills can promote their physical coordination, making them more flexible and responsive.

Secondly, it can improve kids' speed. When kids climb with their friends, they will compete with each other. As time passes, they are willing to climb faster and faster. However, parents must keep kids' safety when they climb. 

Thirdly, power is very important to kids' growth. Rock climbing can significantly promote the growth of upper arm muscle and forearm muscle in kids' physical form. Besides, it plays an important role in promoting kids' strength and quality.

Forthly, it is good for balance. When the body is in different positions, the ability to maintain balance is greatly affected by visual, tactile, and vestibular stimuli. The vestibular system is located in the chambers. Ear Vestibular swing and climbing stimuli play an important role in balance, posture, coordination, agility and vision.

Last but not least, kids can learn a lot of perception skills. Visual perception skills developed during rock climbing: children develop perceived affordability while climbing. Endurance is the foot and hand that a climber uses to support his body as he climbs.

In the end, I hope every kids can fall in love with climbing. And parents must keep kids' safety.




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