Why Do Children Like Swing?
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Why Do Children Like Swing?

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Swing has been around as long as there have been vines hanging off trees. Children generally are attracted to the movement that meets their current mood or needs. Why do children like swinging? There are four benefits for swinging.

To begin with, exercise balance is the most obvious benefit of swing. Swing can not only exercise the balance of the body, cure seasickness, carsickness and other problems, it itself is a good way to exercise the whole body. Children's skeletal muscles contract and relax rhythmically when they swing, which is good for muscle health and vital bones.

Secondly, it's good for psychology. Swing is also very beneficial to children's psychology, it can constantly overcome the tension and fear of children, and enhance children's psychological tolerance and self-control ability.

Thirdly, it exerises waist. Because when kids swing, their waists are repeatedly stimulated, and their waist muscles contract, relax, and unconsciously exercise kids' waist, increasing their waist strengthes.

Last but not least, rapidly maturing kids who play with a swing to help balance their inner ears often catch ears, clasp their ears, and make their head appear to be "itchy." The reason is related to the immature development of both internal, there is a slight abnormal balance. Just as adults feel foreign bodies in their ears after flying. Double inner ear is not mature still can show motion sickness. As it grows, the inner ear function matures and is symmetrical.

In the end, I hope kids will have good time in swing. However,parents will pay more attention to kids' safety.

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